How To Create Google Forms Using Your Smartphone

SachinSangwan - Sep 30, 2019

How To Create Google Forms Using Your Smartphone

It is quite easy to create Google Forms on a computer, but using a smartphone is more convenient, especially when you're nowhere near a desktop device.

Have you ever had to create a questionnaire? If yes, the first thing you might have thought of is probably Google Forms. It is quite easy to access it on the website, but using a smartphone is more convenient, especially when you're nowhere near a desktop device. Unfortunately, for now, Google Forms does not have any dedicated iOS or Android applications, but you can create any form through a browser from the website of Google Forms.


Sign in to the Google account after opening the website, where you'll see a fresh form comprising of a question and a title. You can add some questions of different types, view responses, change the theme, and many more things on the browser through Google Forms website.

Add Form Title

Suppose you sent a form with no title and no description, the receiver won't get to know what the provided form is about. Thus, add a title and a basic description of the form.

  • So, for adding the title, tap on Untitled form. Type in the title.
  • To add a description, tap on Form description. Add the necessary information.
  • When you create a new form, a title box is automatically added. If you want to add more titles, tap on title icon at the bottom of the page, where there are two T's - a big T and a small T.


Add A Question

Tap on the add icon which is in the toolbar at the bottom. This will add new MCQ to the form. Here, type the question in the space provided, the box which says Question. Now, add the options by clicking Option 1 and then Add option for adding more answers.


Change The Question Type

Anytime you add a new question, Google Forms adds a multiple-choice question by default. To change to another type of question, click on the Multiple Choice drop-down box and select any type from the given list. There are options to choose from checkboxes, short answer, date, time, file upload and many more.


Note: In some cases, the question type gets updated automatically on typing it depending on the text like what, why, which, etc.

Edit A Question

For editing the existing question, just tap anywhere on the question so that the typing box is activated. Now, write new options or question, as the case may be.



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