Mahjong Club - Solitaire Game Review: One of the best Puzzle Game in 2022!

hoaict - Jul 05, 2022

Mahjong Club - Solitaire Game Review: One of the best Puzzle Game in 2022!

Mahjong solitaire (also known as Shanghai solitaire, electronic or computerized mahjong, solitaire mahjong or simply mahjong) is a single-player matching game that uses a set of mahjong tiles rather than cards.

Its name comes from the four-player game mahjong, but it is played entirely differently. Amongst the current Mahjong Solitaire games on the market, Mahjong Club - Solitaire Game from GamoVation is probably the best. It is currently available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.

The game has 4.8 star rating on the Google Play Store, with 46.1K reviews and 1M+ Downloads. On the Apple Apps Store it has an even higher score at 5 star, with a total of 5.8K Ratings.

In this article, Mobygeek is going to showcase the various features of Mahjong Club - Solitaire Game and explain why the game is better than its competitors in the market.

Features of The Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game from GamoVation

Over five thousand levels to complete: unlike other games with only a limited of “free levels”, Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game does not cheap out on player experience - there are just so many unique stages to complete. Each stage are decorated with beautiful landscape backgrounds, giving players a chill and relaxing gaming experience.

On top of that, there is no restriction on how one want to complete a level. Players can choose their own score system - from Mahjong combi points, stars, time or evcen no score system whatsoever. There is no pressure - one can just complete a level and be done with it.

Mahjong solitaire
Mahjong solitaire

However, for competitive players, there are also features that automatically gather their high score and personal statistic. Players can aim to beat their own previous high score or compare their score to others.

There is also a social feature called club system - people from all over the world can join a club to play and chat together. You can join a league and engage in tournaments while requesting coins and help others.

Overall, this makes Mahjong Club – Solitaire Game a true club of people who enjoy Mahjong Solitaire instead of just another random Mahjong game.

How well does the app run?

The app is very well designed with autofit feature that makes it run on all kind of mobile devices. Players can even play offline if they wish, as there is no wifi requirements. The menu and gameplay is simple enough that you can just pick up and play at any time.

The ads aren't annoying and for a modest amount you can remove them. If you exhaust your matches, the tiles automatically shuffle without a penalty and that appears to be unlimited. This is huge, as not many game allow free shuffles.

How to play Mahjong Solitaire?

The 144 tiles are arranged in a special four-layer pattern with their faces upwards. Players need to match open pairs of identical tiles to remove them from the board.

A tile is said to be open or exposed if it can be moved around without disturbing other tiles. The game is finished when the player remove all pairs of tiles from the board.

The APP can be found in both Google and Apple play store.


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