Airtel Broadband Customer Care: How To Contact When You Need Support

Dhir Acharya - Feb 11, 2020

Airtel Broadband Customer Care: How To Contact When You Need Support

Airtel Broadband Customer Care, how to contact Airtel customer care for broadband users. Check out customer care numbers for your city.

Airtel India is one of the biggest mobile telephony providers and the second biggest fixed telephony provider in India. Besides, the company offers broadband as well as subscription TV services. So when you have problems with the services you’re using or simply have any questions relating to broadband service, the best way is to contact Airtel broadband customer care. So, what is Airtel broadband, what its customer care can help you with and how to contact them, this article will give you the answers to all of these questions.

Airtel Broadband Customer Care
Airtel Customer Care will help you with your problems

What is Airtel Broadband?

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, apart from telephony services, Airtel also offers internet services, called Airtel Broadband. The service offers internet connection to mobile users and digital TVs and uses can choose between prepaid and postpaid plans for mobile devices or a package for their digital TVs that include postpaid plans for mobile devices.

On Airtel’s official site, you can choose your city to view what Airtel broadband plans are offered, though most locations have the same selection of plans and packages.

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Airtel Broadband customer care for mobile users - How can I contact Airtel Broadband?

If you are using Airtel’s services, you may sometimes run into problems with your plans or unexpected incidents, for example, you have bought an Airtel Smartbytes plan but have no idea how to check the amount of data you have left. In such circumstances, you will need help from Airtel Broadband customer care.

In general, there a few numbers to contact for customer care, depending on which service you want to talk about.

For Airtel Broadband customer care, dial 121.

Apart from that, for users of Airtel postpaid plans and Airtel prepaid plans, there are two phone numbers you can call for Airtel customer care. If you have queries or requests, call 121, if you have complaints, call 198. It’s worth noting that the charge for calling 121 is 50 paisa/3 minutes.

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Airtel Broadband customer care
For Airtel customer care, dial 121

Airtel Broadband customer care for digital TV systems

For Airtel DTH customer care, you can call 12150 using the telephone number you registered when buying the service. Otherwise, there is a list of center numbers if you need localized help from the company with installing your system.

For example, Airtel Broadband customer care number Mumbai is 02244448080, Airtel Broadband customer care number Delhi is 011 44448080, Airtel Broadband customer care number Kerala is 0484 4448080.

If you are from other locations, you can check Airtel Broadband customer care number from other network in the following table:

Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 0755 4448080
Uttar Pradesh 0522 4448080
Karnataka 080 44448080
Andhra Pradesh 040 44448080
Mumbai 022 44448080
Maharashtra 020 44448080
Himachal Pradesh 08628048080
Assam 08133848080
Jammu & Kashmir 09596748080
Bihar & Jharkhand 09955148080
WB 033 44448080
Delhi 011 44448080
Tamil Nadu 044 44448080
Kerala 0484 4448080
North East 08132948080
Haryana 0124 4448080
Gujarat 079 44448080
Rajasthan 0141 4448080
Orissa 07077448080
Punjab 0172 4448080

If you can’t find your location in this table, Airtel Broadband customer care number Chennai for instance, note that there are also customer care numbers for the North hub (0124 4448080), the South hub (080 44448080), the east hub (033 4444808), and the west hub (020 44448080).

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