New video shows the durability of iPhone XS and XS Max

CanhNQ - Oct 01, 2018

New video shows the durability of iPhone XS and XS Max

This new video by SquareTrade show off the durability of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, which can survive when drowned in beer, but the glass still shattered when dropped from high place.

With the introduction of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, Apple claims that this year's iPhone are much more durable, with new surgical grade stainless steel band and stronger glass to prevent shattering. Yet, when tested with drop test, the glass on the back of iPhone XS and XS Max still shatters, from 6-feet high to the concrete surface.

The test was performed by SquareTrade, a YouTube channel specilizing in "Breakability" test of smartphones, with a lot of test like drop test, submerge test, etc. They also provide extended smartphone warranty for users, and know many ways to break a smartphone to pieces.

iPhone drop test
The backglass still shatters when dropped from a high enough place

According to Square Trade's newest breakability test, even though the new iPhones are more durable than iPhone X, their glass still shatters when dropped to the ground from a "high enough" height.

So what is better when talking about iPhone XS and XS Max's durability? The answer is everything.

It seems like with the IP68 water resistant nature, iPhone XS can work when submerged, not only in water, but also in beer. Imagine you got drunk at parties, and accidently spill all your beer to the new iPhone? Do not worry, it will still be alive and well.

iPhone beer submerge resistant
Yet, the phone will still be alive and well when submerged in a glass of beer

You can see the details of the "Breakability test" on the new iPhones in the video below:

With the Apple event happened last September, the tech giant from Cupertino unveil to the world 3 new iPhone: iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The 2018's iPhones feature dual-sim capability, new A12 Bionic chip, and better storage option. The price of the new iPhone started from 749 USD, all the way up to 1400 USD.


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