YouTube Originals Will Soon Be Free For Everyone To Watch

Harin - Nov 30, 2018

YouTube Originals Will Soon Be Free For Everyone To Watch

YouTube will soon be offering its Original shows ad-supported but free of charge to meet the demand of a growing global fan base.

Youtube has a long list of Original shows. However, a lot of them is not getting enough viewers’ attention because they are not available to watch yet.


Cobra Kai, Liza Koshi’s Liza on Demand and Roman Atwood's Day Dreams are some great shows that are under the radar. Due to people’s unwillingness to pay money, these Youtube Originals are incredibly underrated. This may change soon because YouTube is starting to switch its strategy.

Youtube is said to be in the midst of a shift toward offering free viewing for its Original shows. A YouTube Spokesperson said in a statement that as 2019 is moving closer, to meet the demand of a growing global fanbase, YouTube will be making all of its Youtube ad-supported.

He also mentioned that expanding the audience and proving advertisers with great contents will be the next step in YouTube’s Original strategy. To attract top-tier advertisers, it seems like YouTube is leaning toward the popular creators.

There are so many creators who are not advertiser-friendly as they just try to earn lots of money through clickbait. Thus, enhancing the Original content’s quality will be a clever step. YouTube can manage what kind of content being produced.

It will certainly catch a lot of people attention when YouTube Original shows are offered free of charge. It is unsure whether YouTube will be able to outrival Amazon Prime or Netflix, but it is certain that millions or even billions of people will be watching YouTube Original shows.

And by making its original content ad-supported, YouTube can milk a considerable amount of money out of top-tier advertisers. This will allow YouTube to earn more revenue. However, it is best that YouTube still keeps its paid premium subscription for people who don’t want to be interrupted by ads.

Beside this, YouTube is also planning to offer ad-supported but free Hollywood movies. It will be interesting to what more plans are coming from one of the biggest video platforms.


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