WhatsApp India Focuses On Payments And Safety Of Users

Anil - Mar 14, 2019

WhatsApp India Focuses On Payments And Safety Of Users

The new WhatsApp India head has declared the company goals in 2019. The segments of Payments and Safety of Users have been focusing.

Abhijit Bose has been appointed to be the Head of WhatsApp India in end of the year 2018. The most powerful man of WhatsApp India has claimed the primary areas where the multi-billion-dollar messaging app focuses in 2019, through an outlining letter. Bose constantly refers to Payments and Safety of Users segments on their platform.Abhijit Bose

Previously, Bose was the founder and CEO of Ezetap.

Bose has made an outline showing the way platform supporting small businesses. He also pointed out that many small business owners have resulted in scaling up by using WhatsApp.

In the recent research, over 70 percent of small businesses joining their platform claimed that they had established the business on it, while nearly 80% said they could hire more employees as well as increasing growth by using WhatsApp. WhatsApp now is partnering with other big enterprises to help its clients to interact with customers on the platform. The messaging app has already launched a Bussiness Version, which is said to be useful to small and medium companies.

In terms of payment issue, he reminded that the company was enhancing the platform payments' speed and privacy. This function has been ensured to be fast and secure. WhatsApp Payments is remaining beta-testing mode in India and was supposed to debut last year. That has not happened because of users' data concerns, according to a Bloomberg report.

The Bose's letter keeps talking about WhatsApp policy that restricting viral content spread, and its advertisements to support users against misinformation spread. He committed to working closely with Indian stakeholders for privacy purposes.

WhatsApp has been criticized over India as the result of spreading misinformation on its platform, unfortunately, led to some violent mobs attacks. WhatsApp has also been under the India government's pressure on what it steps it has taken to curb the problem.


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