Amazon Go Will Be Considered For Opening Stores At Airports

Parvati Divakar - Dec 11, 2018

Amazon Go Will Be Considered For Opening Stores At Airports

Amazon is considering expanding its checkout-free store format at the airport starting with an evaluation of its success in the busiest airports in the US.

According to recent reports, Amazon is considering expanding its checkout-free store format at the airport. The online retail giant has yet to verify the information but looking at the company’s recent moves, it seems that Amazon is slowly waltzing into traditional retail models. These store towards the needs of travelers or passengers who are often too busy and hard pressed for time.

Sources suggested that Amazon is now working to evaluate the chances of success in expanding these stores at the busiest airports in the United States. 

According to figures from the US Department of Transportation based on the top 12 US airports' activity, there are more than 350 million passengers boarded the plane last year. So, the goal toward the airports' passengers market can bring both challenges and opportunities to Amazon.


Los Angeles International Airport (the second largest airport in the U.S)

Los Angeles International Airport and San Jose International Airport are considered as "one of many possibilities" airports where were selected to expand their network, according to the source of several airport operators.

Amazon check-out free store, also known as Amazon Go, is a new concept grocery store in which you can walk in and pick up what you need then walk out without any other human interaction. The shops will rely on cameras and sensors to identify who the customer is, what he or she buys, and what items, if any, are put back on the shelves. So all you need to do is to download the Amazon Go app to the phone and connect it with your Amazon account. Payment will be made by using a credit card linked to users' account. The system is done very quickly and conveniently, suitable for quick lunches for nearby office workers and laborers. Up to the present, the company has totally five stores across the US, including Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco.


Inside an Amazon Go store

While the objective may be straightforward, it is difficult in practice. So far, the company's spokesman refused to comment and we have not had any definite information from Amazon. However, a reliable source reported that Amazon was offered to cooperate with Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to open the first airport's Amazon Go. In consequence, you can completely expect an Amazon Go Store at the airport in the near future.


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