Tim Cook Hinted That Apple's Design Team 'Will Blow You Away' With Upcoming Projects

Anil - Jul 03, 2019

Tim Cook Hinted That Apple's Design Team 'Will Blow You Away' With Upcoming Projects

Tim Cook's statement has been made in response to a recent story published by WSJ.

As a matter of fact, teasing its new products seems unfamiliar with us, at least until Apple is ready to unveil them. It's such a rare move as CEO Tim Cook has said that the company's design team is carrying out some projects that "will blow you away."

Tim Cook Jony Ive
Jony Ive - A longtime chief designer of Apple.

This information came from a statement that Tim Cook made with NBC News as a response to a recent story related to the departure of Jony Ive - who had been there ever since 1996 and undertaken the role of a chief designer in most of his time. Right after he left the company, The Wall Street Journal wrote in the story that the distance between him and the company's leadership had been formed longer for quite a while, since they shared no mutual opinion about Apple's focus on operations.

As for Cook, he considered it was "absurd" and "doesn't match with reality" in response to the story. He also confirmed that the current design team of Apple is not only talented but also stronger than ever - as what the former chief design officer had already said.

Tim Cook
Cook believes that his current design team is "phenomenally talented".

Apart from that, he also vaguely mentioned about upcoming projects of Apple. However, Cook indeed did not make any specific details about those projects. Keep in mind that it's pretty notable while there're many rumors about upcoming products that include no shortage of where Apple's priorities lie. For example, the tech giant is likely to debut three new iPhone models in late 2019 or other software products and subscription services like iPadOS, Apple Arcade, and Apple TV Plus.


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