Tim Cook Declares That Apple Is Not A Tech Company

Anil - May 07, 2019

Tim Cook Declares That Apple Is Not A Tech Company

Tim Cook believes that Warren Buffet never invests in Apple unless it's not a tech company.

In common senses, we always consider Apple Inc. as a tech giant due to its massive popularity of electronic and software product lines. It’s should be noted that the billionaire Warren Buffet is holding an enormous number of shares in the tech behemoth. However, over the years, he is said to never invest in any company he did not understand, and notably technology firms. So that, should we classify Apple as a tech one or something else?


Recently, Tim Cook - the CEO of Apple, has disclosed more about his company. He has desperately tried to separate his company from the sneaky snoopiness of Facebook or Google. Note that the company was found on a claim of different thinking, but it’s rather been sucked into the Silicon Valley morass. In spite of being in the tech industry, but is it not really one of those seedy tech companies?


Cook, also cited the investing strategy of his company’s famous shareholder Warren Buffet as a solid proof for his contemplation. He considered that in the Buffet’s eyes, Apple is obviously a consumer company. In fact, Cook also believed the same. According to him, though the company is in the tech industry, it works at the intersection of technology and the liberal arts and the humanities. Amid the noise of several scandals of privacy in the tech industry, he believed that Apple “was making products for people, and so the consumer’s at the center of what it does”.

Put briefly, at least Apple bothered to think about its consumers as much as it can. Strong privacy along with elegant designs and exclusive gadget specs made it significantly successful amongst the others. Setting it aside, Apple’s current business seems to shift away from hardware and toward software, can Apple really claim to be anything other than a tech company.


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