Three Indian Teams Enter The Asia Regional Finals Of 2019 Microsoft Imagine Cup

Viswamitra Jayavant - Feb 11, 2019

Three Indian Teams Enter The Asia Regional Finals Of 2019 Microsoft Imagine Cup

It's time to meet three teams from India who will enter the Asia Regional Finals of 2019 Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Microsoft’s international competition designed for the most innovative technological solutions has almost reached its end. The mega-corporation has announced the name of the twelve finalists who will combat one another to claim the $100,000 top prize. Among the twelve names are three teams who will represent India in the Imagine Cup.

The trio came out on top of hundreds of candidates from over 17 countries that had competed fiercely with one another for a spot in the Asia Regional Finals that will take place in Sydney on Tuesday, Feb 12. Considering the fact that each out of the hundreds team was composed of the top the country they represented had to offer.

That is quite a feat to pull off.

Imagine Cup 2019

Microsoft’s Imagine Cup competition is everything about the future.

Imagine Cup

Through innovation and ceaseless drive to push the envelope of what’s possible. It is hoped that the students who participated in the competition can create technological solutions for the future through their projects. And indeed, with over two millions competitors since Microsoft first hosted the programme in 2003. Many ideas and proposals had been brought out into the light. Inspiring, and advancing the pace of technological innovation on a global scale.

This year, participants were asked to file a video pitch and a project proposal in a team with a maximum size of three. This was how the winners of the preliminary rounds were selected.

The first Indian project, ‘Caeli’, is an auto drug delivery and anti-pollution mask. The device was noted to be especially useful for those with respiratory problems, such as asthma. Needless to say, Caeli has great potential to enhance life's quality of patients in the polluted area.

Microsoft 2014 Worldwide Imagine Cup 1 960x640

The second project named: ‘Spot’, will probably be a vital gadget for those with food allergies in the future. The device’s not only able to know whether your foods were prepackaged or not. But most importantly, they can tell if a certain type of ingredient within the food can be harmful to you by analysing its characteristics.

The official description of the project on Microsoft’s front page revealed another interesting application for ‘Spot’.

Screenshot 7

As for the third and the final project under the Indian flag, RVSAFE is a project aimed to innovate how people can communicate and manage situations during artificial and natural disasters. It does not need to be said that communication is going to be a lifesaver during disasters of any kind. And an effective management tool will serve to increase further the chance of survival for the project’s users.

Team Rvsafe1334x750 855baa599d26

The Next Step

As said, the Asia Regional Finals is going to be hosted in Sydney on Tuesday (February 12th, 2019). The team emerged victorious over all others in this round will continue to the 2019 Imagine Cup World Championship in the U.S., along with a $20,000 prize. The Championship will be held in May of this year.

Entries of Singapore, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka also enter the regional final competition alongside India.


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