These Are The Top 10 Well-paid Jobs In Tech: Glassdoor

Karamchand Rameshwar - Jan 15, 2019

These Are The Top 10 Well-paid Jobs In Tech: Glassdoor

If you are looking for a job in tech or having a plan to prepare to work in the tech field, then check out this list to have a good idea on what to focus.

You may not have to own technical skills to get jobs at the biggest tech firms. However, for those who own technical skills, the salaries in return can be promising.

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In the latest report of Glassdoor, the review website broke down some of the tech positions that have the highest pays, based on the average salary.

Please noted that this report was conducted for the US market, not the Indian market. But it still can give a good idea of what you should focus on if you are looking for top tech jobs in the top tech firms.

The top 10 well-paid jobs are as follows:

10. Information security engineer: $131,300 (Rs. 91 lakhs)

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A company recruits this position to protect their data and other assets from malicious parties and hackers by strengthening the encryption or just working to fix security gaps in the infrastructure of the company.

9. DevOps engineer: $137,400 (Rs. 96 lakhs)

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A DevOps engineer is a specialised position that is required to deliver a ton of code at a fast pace.

8. Enterprise architect: $144,400 (Rs. 10,1 crores)

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The primary duty of this job is to develop plans and also workflows for deploying as well as maintaining software, services, and other IT assets. Or in other words, enterprise architects are responsible for contributing to or coming up with the IT strategy.

7. Technical program manager: $145,000 (Rs. 10,1 crores)

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The main duty of this job is to keep track of many projects throughout the company, layout product expectations, test codes and also manage the development process.

6. Software architect: $145,400 (Rs. 10,1 crores)

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The key responsibility of this job to set an overall strategy and plan for executing on building software. If you want to apply for this role, you have to have technical skills for it but for this position, you are really setting the goals and pace for other developer teams.

5. Applications architect: $149,000 (Rs. 10,4 crores)

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Companies expect this role to choose the strategies for applications within companies: When to build new tools or use the existing ones, and also occasionally developing prototypes for further development

4. Infrastructure architect: $153,000 (Rs. 10,7 crores)

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An infrastructure architect is responsible for a company’s underlying IT systems, which can have data centers, cloud computing platforms or servers.

3. Software development manager: $153,300 (Rs. 10,7 crores)

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This role will be responsible for leading the team to develop and test certain applications or system with a firm.

2. Data warehouse architect: $154,800 (Rs. 10,8 crores)

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Data warehouse architects oversee all generally-vast troves of data in a company and help prepare the data for analysis as well.

1. Software engineering manager: $163,500 (Rs. 11,4 crores)

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For this position, you will have to be in charge of leading a team to develop, research and also test software of the company. This is a very important position in any firm maintaining or building software.


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