The Google Expanded Safety Centre Is Introduced for Indian Users

Shakti - Nov 16, 2018

The Google Expanded Safety Centre Is Introduced for Indian Users

Google introduced its expanded Safety Centre for Indian market, especially, this system is translated into 9 languages and will be more than that.

The Safety Centre is a place where users can access all resources to strengthen the privacy policy for Google products and services. According to this Safty Centre, Google can protect its users' presence and the tools available to manage user families privacy. The expanded Safety Centre for the Indian market is programmed in 9 languages: Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.


In New Delhi, the Director for Trust and Safety of Google, Sunita Mohanty, said that India with 40 million daily users participating in the Web is a big reason to apply this expanded Safety Centre solution through all its products and services for secure and safer.

The expanded Safety Centre, globally introduced in Sept 2018, is a "one site dedicated to educating and empowering" the users. Some topics are included like data security, privacy policy, online protection. It also consists of the security guidelines and the access to specific topics like data security, or suggestion on experiencing the Web.

The updated version of the Safety Centre also lets users access the Privacy Checkup and go to the My Account part to explore the Dashboard, My Activity, Activity Controls, or Ad Settings. when clicking to the Privacy tab, users can use Download Your Data function to download all the Google data in Google Photos, Google Drive, Calendar, Music and Gmail.

Users can go to Your Security tab in the Safety Centre then go to Security tips to understand the Google suggested topics. Users also find the transparency report that shows the way Google controls the transparency status of its users and handling the local government requirements in the world.

Moreover, via the expanded Safety Centre users can explore the provided features of the family. Users can try the Parental supervision part in the tab "For Families" to discover more about the Family Feature. This feature is built to help parents have a safer experience on their kids via getting the report about the screen time period of their kids, minimizing the daily access, even locking the devices remotely.

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