New Updates Of Google Assistant In 2020 That Shouldn't Be Out Of Your Sight

Anil - Jan 08, 2020

New Updates Of Google Assistant In 2020 That Shouldn't Be Out Of Your Sight

With these 2020's new updates, Google Assistant will be much more intelligent.

It’s considered a traditional maneuver as Google revealed a bunch of latest features coming to its Google Assistant at this year’s CES event. With no news about the company’s hardware in the pipeline, most of the eyes focus on the digital assistant, and it actually doesn’t make users out of sight.

Google Assistant Voice Match How To Hero 1

Let’s see how advanced the 2020’s Google Assistant will be with these updates.

Quicker, easier smart home setup 

Smart Display Setup

The system won’t require you to use Google credentials to access the Home setup. Instead, it’ll show a suggestion for you to complete the process.

Setting up scheduled actions

Dubbed “Scheduled Actions”, the new update lets you command Google Assistant to perform the task on compatible devices with a detailed schedule. For example, “Hey Google, turn off the TV at 11 pm”.

More smart home devices 

Google Assistant Ac Unit

Via Google Home app, Google Assistant will be integrated with 20 additional devices, such as coffee makers, air purifiers, air conditioners, etc.

Leaving notes 

Google Nest Hub Max 5

Google Assistant will help you remind family members of doing their works by creating sticky notes that will take place on compatible smart displays. What’s more, leaving a note via Google Assistant will be done easily without the need for having a Google account signed in.

Speed Dial

With Speed Dial, users can add a number of important and beloved contacts to a list to call them in a timely manner. Just wake up the digital assistant with a command like “Hey Google, call Anil.”

Reading online content

1024 2000

By releasing the likes of “Hey Google, read this page”, users can listen to Google Assistant reading a full article. As promoted by the company, it’ll be able to know which parts are the "real" content, instead of reading all the stuff on the webpage, such as social sharing buttons.

Deleting Assistant history

Google came to realize that privacy is the first priority that users care about as well as the company needs to safeguard. As part of that, users can clear Assistant history through simple voice commands like "Hey Google, that wasn't for you/delete everything I said yesterday".


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