Free Wi-Fi Of Bengaluru Will Be Ready In Six Months, Deputy Chief Minister Confirmed

Karamchand Rameshwar - Nov 01, 2018

Free Wi-Fi Of Bengaluru Will Be Ready In Six Months, Deputy Chief Minister Confirmed

The Capital city of Karnataka - Bengaluru is going to provide free wifi across 709 Square Km Of Bengaluru, confirmed by Deputy Chief Minister

If you are a citizen of Bengaluru - the capital city of Karnataka, beautiful weather is now not the only thing that makes other people jealous of your city.

The whole of Bengaluru will be full of free Wi-Fi hotspots in just six months from now. You read it right - free Wi-Fi will be provided for everyone in the city.

This news was already confirmed by G. Parameshwara - Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka. If everything goes as planned, the city’s 198 wards, spanning 709 square Km, will have free Wi-Fi within 6 months from now. The Deputy Chief Minister also revealed that award in Bengaluru - Govindaraja Nagar has already been implemented Free Wi-Fi as a pilot project but citizens can only access to free-wifi within 3 km radius of the ward office.

"Residents in all wards will be able to use the internet freely just like in the Govindaraja Nagar," stated by the deputy Chief Minister But no information regarding the Free Wi-fi’s speed.

According to Umesh Shetty - the corporator of Govindaraja Nagar, citizens will be provided up to 1GB download limit daily at 100 Mbps connection speed in the pilot phase of the free Wi-Fi project.

Citizens in cities like Mysore and Kolkata are already able to access free Wi-Fi but it is only accessible in major public places. Bengaluru can become the first ever big city that provides free access to Wi-fi if this project is implemented successfully.

However, as per the initial pan, citizens in Bengaluru will only be able to use public wifi free for only the first 30 minutes. They will then be charged as the commercial rates, as fixed by the TRAI, for using the free Wi-Fi service beyond the given 30 minutes as stated. 4 companies had already expressed their interest to provide public wifi hotspots when this project was initially planned.


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