Employees' Personal Information Got Hacked From NASA Servers

Harin - Dec 20, 2018

Employees' Personal Information Got Hacked From NASA Servers

On Tuesday, all NASA employees received a troubling email in their inboxes. The message which was sent by the human resources department of the agency disclosed that NASA servers may have been breached by hackers recently. The hackers have accessed personally identifiable information of the agency's employees. Their Social Security numbers were also hacked.

Hackers Hack 383

This is undoubtedly upsetting for NASA employees. But what is more alarming is the fact that this is not the first time or the second time that the space agency got hacked.

According to the email published by SpaceRef, an investigation on a potential compromise happening on October 23 has been carried out by NASA’s cybersecurity team members. Through the investigation, they found out that personal information of employees hired by the space agency from July 2006 to October 2018 may have been hacked through the space agency servers.

So far, NASA has suspended and fixed the hacked servers and will continue to further investigate the incident. After finding out the affected employees, the space agency is looking to sending them more information on this case.

NASA is sure that none of its missions is affected by the hack. According to Sam Curry, a cybersecurity expert, the agency should be thankful for this because:


The next time hackers attack its domain, the agency might not be as fortunate. This means it has to try to make sure that there isn’t going to be a “next time” at all cost.

Curry continued:



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