BlackBerry Messenger Shut Down, Yet There's Hope For Its Loyal Users

Arnav Dhar - Apr 23, 2019

BlackBerry Messenger Shut Down, Yet There's Hope For Its Loyal Users

BlackBerry Messenger consumer version is about to come to an end, yet its users can switch to a new and better service.

BlackBerry Messenger consumer app is being shut down by Emtek at the end of this May. Talking about the move, the firm said that they felt upset and it was due to the decrease of the platform's users. After more than 1 month from now, all of the BBM services will be canceled, while the company will refund for the purchased stickers.


However, the paid version of BBM a.k.a BlackBerry Messenger Enterprise, which was developed by Canada-based company BlackBerry Limited, is still available. The app is available in Google Play and Appstore now. It will be free for the first year with fresh new users and cost you only Rs 174.5 for half-year subscription after that.

Though having a different name and not free, BBMe offers tons of useful features including those supported by the BBM such as video or voice calling, group chatting, message editing and retracting. Along with that, it also supports computer users, Mac or Windows alike. Finally, what justifies the subscription fee of Rs 349 per year is the enclosed, encrypted data that excels the security of its consumer version, which has substandard security level.

We haven't estimated the effect of BBM's death yet. In the past, it had been a hugely successful icon since launched 14 years ago, before the smartphone era, BBM attracted a lot of loyal users thanks to its BlackBerry platform and was widely known all over the world. There was even a song about it called BBM Baby, which was written by Lana Del Rey. Until 2016, BBM was still reportedly actively used by approx. 90 mil people, a big part of which come from Indonesia, making it the no.1 message app in this country.

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Yet nothing can save the predestined death of BBM. Even its appearance on major platforms for mobiles like iOS and Android or featured stickers can't regain its users who had moved to more attractive and more widely used apps such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and similar apps.

Nevertheless, loyal users of BlackBerry messaging apps can now move to its BBMe with a dirt cheap price that offers great security level and none of the extraneous features we don't need. Just keep in mind that if you have been familiar with BBM before, you need to download its data before it's erased forever next month. Sadly, we haven't known how to move the data from BBM to BBMe quickly and easily yet.

BlackBerry might have lost its golden era, but it's okay with the platform's loyal users who are still a fan of its reliable security, a fascinating smooth keyboard that no other brands use anymore. If you are a fan of it, why not try BBMe?


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