Amazon Plans To Launch 100 Kiosks In India, Gets In The Retail Market

Anil - Mar 28, 2019

Amazon Plans To Launch 100 Kiosks In India, Gets In The Retail Market

Amazon is reportedly looking to open 100 kiosks in India by the end of 2019.

Two years ago, Amazon introduced its own kiosk-plan for the first time. Some of those first kiosks located in Bangalore, Karnataka, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. Now, the e-commerce giant is focusing on the offline market after gaining its massive popularity on the internet retailing. At least 100 mall kiosks will be established under the name of Amazon across India by the end of 2019. The idea of expanding the offline service will bring to the US giant a big opportunity in the Indian retail market.

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Inside a kiosk

Some reports also note that Amazon would launch the kiosks with its signature products such as the iconic Kindle ebook reader, digital media player Fire TV, and smart speaker Echo

For those who are interested in an Amazon device, the kiosk chains will give them a first-hand experience before they decide to take it home. The customer’s curiosity about a device will be unveiled on that how it looks like in real. Absolutely, they can feel, test and give a personal opinion on that it should be bought or not. Along with the service, Amazon will support a help desk for the people where they can ask about the product features as well as other related information.

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A pop-up store in the US

A company spokesperson revealed that some third-party companies in India will franchise those pop-up stores as a local strategy. Apart from India, the US had experienced the trial version of that concept with over 80 kiosks in shopping malls. This month, Amazon disclosed that it would end up with the US trial stores.

Another prominent player in India, Google, has recently taken their test on a similar plan to showcase their new smartphones Pixel 2. Google also launched a couple of kiosks in populous cities like Mumbai and Delhi to give the customers not only a product’s catalog but also real experiences.

Indian government does give permission for Amazon to sell food items which are produced and packaged locally in the country. The company is selling food products through, although it is yet to open a store.


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