1000 Engineers From Indian Top IT Colleges Will Work For Samsung

Shakti - Dec 01, 2018

1000 Engineers From Indian Top IT Colleges Will Work For Samsung

Samsung is seeking talents from Indian top IT colleges for their R&D. This is a good chance for those students and for Samsung to flourish their business

In order to support its research and development (R&D) facilities in India, one of the world’s largest tech companies – Samsung is going to employ nearly 1000 engineers from the leading IT colleges in this country comprising Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) next year.

By 2020, about 2500 R&D engineers will be hired regarding the company’s promise. This is a method to develop new solutions and services for their products so that Samsung can have a strong position in the market and compete with Xiaomi.

Head of Samsung India – Sameer Wadhawan said to ET that those new employees in the R&D will take up cutting-edge technology at their three centers of expertise in Bengaluru, Delhi, and Noida.

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Samsung is investing in cutting-edge technology

This year, 1000 graduated students become the members of the Samsung team. Those ones who are now working in R&D come from premier institutes like National Institutes of Technology - NITs and BITS University. The final placements which begin on December 01 will be offered to these institutes with more than 30% of the placements being offered to IITs.

Wadhawan also said that his company was going to widen its base from the traditional leading IITs at Delhi, Kanpur, Mumbai, Roorkee, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, and BHU to new IITs at Dhanbad, Gandhinagar, and Indore to find more gifted students in other colleges.

As Indian customers prefer the edge-cutted phones, R&D centers of Samsung are trying to develop this innovation to meet their demand and contribute to worldwide products dramatically. Working on technology around AI, communications protocol, web payments, memory network, web services and so on is the mission of the largest foreign facility of Samsung - the Bengaluru center. Meanwhile, the Delhi center focal point high-end smart TVs, digital media products, LED, and customization of digital appliances for the home, among other fields and Noida is focused on multimedia applications, system, and communications protocol, localization of global products

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He stated that they were to keep leveraging India’s intellectual capital, and quickly built a great reputation as the most innovative company in the fields they operated.

Undergraduates who are studying computer science, information technology, electrical engineering, communications, and electronics as well as from mathematics and computing, and the instrumentation backgrounds will have an opportunity to be Samsung’s staff.


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