Gaming Apps To Earn Money - 2020 Updated List

Anil - May 29, 2020

Gaming Apps To Earn Money - 2020 Updated List

Put Candy Crush or PUBG Mobile aside, we hope you guys have a blast with our list of gaming apps to earn money. Best of luck to you!

There are plenty of apps with various ways for you to earn money, but isn’t it going to be much more fun if you can do that by playing games instead? That’s right, put Candy Crush or PUBG Mobile aside, because the gaming apps to earn money below will not only entertain you but also help you generate a small fortune after hours of working. 

The payouts range variously from a few bucks to thousands. We are going to introduce this list of options for you to choose from. Take your time, maybe you will decide to choose the most amazing one to cover your needs.


The first name in the list of apps to earn money by playing games is Mistplay. It will amaze you with its variety of games and all you have to do are just playing and earning from them.

Points you earn will also be used to gain rewards such as gift cards to Amazon, Visa, Xbox, iTunes, and so on. 

Gaming Apps To Earn Money Mistplay

One more thing is that the system chooses games for you based on what types of games you usually prefer. Mistplay’s effort in developing this feature is undeniable. You can now find the app on Google Play, but it hasn’t been available on iOS just yet. If you want to download it right now, click the link above. 


If you are looking for a game that can challenge your brain a little bit, HQ is such a suitable choice for you. Also, this game is fun not only at answering questions but also at its prizes - cash. The questions have multiple choices, and players can only give answers within 10 seconds. 

Gaming Apps To Earn Money Hq Trivia

HQ is organized in the form of a live game show. There are shows at 9 p.m. every day, and also at 3 p.m. on weekdays. 12 questions will be given out on each show, and the biggest prize will belong to the player who completes a streak of 12 correct answers. 

However, if there is more than one winner, each of them will receive an evenly split amount of the prize. You can find the app on both Google Play and the App Store.


This is a free scratch-off gaming app to earn money that can help you get a bit richer without having to buy a real ticket. Moreover, it offers very attractive prizes which can be around $10,000. 

Gaming Apps To Earn Money Lucktastic

Your winnings and points can be used in exchange for gift cards and different prizes. You can also increase your income with under-25-cent payouts, but only if you’re lucky enough. Unsurprisingly, Lucktastic has long been considered the best gaming app to earn money in several countries.


Besides games, you can earn money from this app in many other ways. “Swagbucks”, the gaming app for earning money, organizes a bunch of rewards given for you can be exchanged for gift cards to popular retailers such as Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

Gaming Apps To Earn Money Swagbucks

There are several free games that can help you gain Swagbucks such as Swagasaurus Run and Swag Memory. However, you can’t play as many as you want as the daily number of Swagbucks you earn from each game is limited. So, just simply come back the next day to earn more. 

Long Game

Among all gaming apps to earn money, Long Game is also a good choice to dive into when you have free time, but meanwhile, you can also make some earnings out of it. Once installed, open the app, verify your identity, then get your bank account linked. 

Gaming Apps To Earn Money Long Game
Long Game

Next, adjust your savings goal first, then the amount of money that will be added on each payday. Games are where you can win cash prizes, and you will get coins to play them each time your account is recharged. 

You have nothing to worry about the safety of all your money as your account has an additional “firewall” from FDIC insurance.


Winning coins or points instead of instant cash are getting too boring for you? Give this free app a try. It contains a big number of both free and paid games that have cash prizes. Your earnings will be redeemed for dollars instead of gift cards. 

Gaming Apps To Earn Money Inboxdollars

About 30 or more free games are created in various forms like word search, sudoku, card games, etc. The amount of earnings you can get from each game is often around 25 cents and  $5, so your money can be added up quickly. 

When you want to put your earned money into other accounts, withdraw the cash then deposit it into whatever kinds of accounts you want. Moreover, besides games, you can also earn from doing surveys, web searches, and more in InboxDollars. 

Gaming Apps To Earn Money 1
With these gaming apps to earn money, Mobygeek hope all the best to you!

We hope you guys have a blast with our list of gaming apps to earn money, and if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below. Best of luck to you!

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