Mobile App Development Cost

LongPhan - Sep 28, 2020

Mobile App Development Cost

The mobile app industry is one that everyone is trying to get into. As a result, this industry grew at a whopping ten percent in 2018.

One of the most essential tools for businesses and people to use is applications. The mobile app industry is one that everyone is trying to get into. As a result, this industry grew at a whopping ten percent in 2018 with a survey showing that mobile users in Singapore have, on average, one hundred apps on their smartphones. And of those one hundred apps, over forty are being used on a daily basis.

Is the Cost of App Development for Start-Ups Fixed?

The app development cost is one of the main things that a business wants to know before committing to the creation of their app. However, this isn't always easy to figure out since many factors need to be considered. And every application has a different purpose, structure, and functionality, which means that knowing what someone else invested in their app development will not help you figure out your cost.

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How much does mobile app development cost in Singapore?

Influencing Factors of App Development Cost in Singapore

There are multiple factors that will influence the cost of your app, especially the mobile app development cost in Singapore. Here are the main factors that you need to consider in your budgeting.


In the Singapore app market, there are several different smartphone operating systems. Depending on what smartphones you want your app to be compatible with will dictate the cost you will pay to create your app. The best way to save money is to use a hybrid app that is not specific to any of the platforms. However, hybrid apps do tend to take longer to develop.

Device Configuration

Mobile users want an app that will run smoothly on their device, and as the creator of the app, you want to ensure that your app is working correctly across all the devices that your customers might be using. This means that you want your app to be compatible with smartphones, tablets, and potentially even laptops.

UI Design

Another factor to take into consideration is how the user interface of your app is going to function. A visually appealing interface will appeal to the users of your app. However, this will also require a more considerable investment from you. It is vital to strike a balance between an attractive user interface and one that is friendly to your budget at the same time.

Service Cost

Something that is often overlooked in the budgeting process of app development is the cost of running the app. Once your app is created and deployed, you will need to have maintenance and enhancement plans. A mobile app development company can analyze user feedback, bug analysis, and customer requests to make your app more appealing to users. However, this does come with a cost.

Other additional costs include the cost of submitting your app, the copyright fees, and the marketing expenses of making your app known to your customers.

Developers Rate

One of the most significant app development costs is what the app developer will charge for their services.

Most app developers in Singapore charge for their services using an hourly rate. The hourly rate that you are being charged will depend on the urgency of the app development and the developer's experience in the app's subject matter.

Some app developers choose not to charge by the hour. Instead, they will take different factors into consideration before quoting you a cost. Some of those factors include which device platform you are using, the app's functionality, and the app's intended use.

Alternatively, you also can outsource your app development to companies in Vietnam or India to save your development cost.

Intended App Use

The most crucial considerations in determining your app development cost are in the app's expected functionality and purpose. There are five different app types that you can choose to create, and the development costs associated with each are different.

  1. E-Commerce or Marketplace Applications

Any start-up that wants to sell products of services to Singapore customers should consider an app. While these apps would require multiple features, such as secure checkout and payment, and product sections and synchronization, they tend to be easier to design from an app development standpoint. The average cost for an E-Commerce app in Singapore is $15,000 to $65,000.

  1. Functionality Applications

If you are designing an app intended to enhance your company's process, a functionality app is a right choice for you. The cost of this kind of app varies greatly depending on the complexity of the functions and systems. The development of functionality apps can range from as little as $20,000 up to $150,000.

  1. User-Based Applications

User-based apps allow your users to use chat, user sign in, and messaging options. Since this is considered a social app, the development of these apps can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000.

  1. Informative Applications

The purpose of an informative app is to present the user with information and services about your company. Depending on how much real-time information updating and data extraction you want your app to possess influences the cost considerably. The development of an informative app can range from $10,000 to $41,000.

  1. Game Applications

Of all the mobile app options, game applications are the most expensive to create. Choosing to create a game app will require that you hire multiple specialists, including game designers, animators, and social media integration. Ultimately, a game app can cost you anywhere from $80,000 to $150,000.

How to Reduce App Development Costs

Although app development cost can vary greatly depending on several factors, there are many things you can do to reduce the cost, including the following.

-       Research different app vendors and determine the best based on price, experience, service, and skill

-       Identify which features and designs are most important to design your app

-       Avoid making changes during the app development phase

-       Establish working relationships with different app developers to increase your bargaining power while developing apps

-       Be upfront about what you are looking for to avoid the potential of hidden charges

While many entrepreneurs assume that having an app for their start-up is costly, it isn't true. What is true is that having a mobile app for a start-up company is essential to the success of any business in Singapore.

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