How To Choose Channels In Tata Sky If You're A Customer

Dhir Acharya - Oct 25, 2019

How To Choose Channels In Tata Sky If You're A Customer

Under the new rules from TRAI, users can now select channels individually and only pay for those. So your need to know how To Choose Channels In Tata Sky.

Earlier this year, TRAI put into effect new rules for DTH and cable operators under which users can select certain channels they like and pay for those channels only. The new rules became effective starting February 1 in India, and in case you haven’t picked your favorite ones, you need to do it as soon as possible to make sure your provider won’t discontinue your service. This article will provide you with a guideline on how to choose channels in Tata Sky.

But before digging into this matter, you need to grab some knowledge of it first. Under the new rules, subscribers can select over 100 channels. The base plan costs Rs 130 while the total is priced at Rs 153. Users will get at least 100 channels free to air channels and have to pay for the rest of them.

Tata Sky choose channels.

Additionally, TRAI also rolled out the Channel Selector app to help people know how much they will have to pay for the service.

So, if you opt for free to air channels, you have to pay only Rs 153 each month. If you just need a small number of channels, you have the option to add them to the package individually. For example, if you love sports and want to have five channels namely Star Snay Ten 1, Sony Ten 2, Star Sports and Star Sports 2, and each of them costs Rs 20, you will have to pay Rs 153 plus Rs 100, along with an additional Rs 20 Network Capacity Fee for 20 channels. All in all, you’ll have to pay a total of Rs 278.

Each time you pick 20 channels exceeding the base 100-channel pack, you have to pay an NCF of Rs 25. That means if you pick an additional 60 channels, you have to pay an NCF of Rs 75. Later in this article, you will learn how to choose channels in Tata Sky app.

How to choose channels in Tata Sky.

Meanwhile, an HD channel equals two SD channels. So if you select 10 HD channels, which is equal to 20 SSD channels, the network capacity fee is Rs 25. each channel comes at a price from Rs 0.89 to Rs 22 or higher. Besides these packs that you select channels individually, operators also offer curated packs as well as broadcaster packs for consumers.

For example, you like Sony TV channels, you can choose different packs in accordance with your language and favorite genre. Say, the price for Sony Happy India English is Rs 14, which offers 3 SD channels namely Sony BBC Earth, Sony PIX, and AXN. Meanwhile, there are 17 channels in Sony Happy India Marathi Platinum like NArathi regional channel, English movies channels, Hindi movie channels, English entertainment channels, and Hindi entertainment channels. This pack costs Rs 81.

That means, if you go with this plan, the amount you have to pay includes Rs 81 for the broadcaster pack plus Rs 153 plus Rs 25 for NCF, resulting in a total of Rs 259. And you get 117 channels in total.

How to choose channels on Tata Sky.

There other several packs for you to choose from including TV18, Sun, Star, and Zee. In addition, Tata Sky has curate packs like Hindi Basic that offers 72 channels covering music, sports, movies, entertainment, etc. This pack comes with a price of Rs 181. You also have the option to choose among other packs based on what you want.

Last but not least, Tata Sky offers add-on packs, like Hindi Entertainment HD, Kids HD, English Entertainment HD, News HD, and English Movies HD. If you love cricket, you can choose English Cricket which costs Rs 44; if you are an English movie fan, you can select an Rs 82 pack that includes 1 SD channel and 10 HD channels with a price tag of Rs 162.

Now, let's come to the detailed guideline on how to select channels in Tata Sky. It's actually a pretty easy process, you can quickly complete following these three steps.

Guideline on how to choose channels in Tata Sky

Step 1

In the first step in how to select channels for Tata Sky, visit the website, then choose your channels by clicking on the banner. When you're on the next screen, type in your subscriber ID or cell number, then enter an authentication OTP that you will receive on your registered number.

Moreover, you can download the official Tata Sky app on your iOS or Android smartphone, then tap the banner for choosing channels. That's how to choose channels in Tata Sky.

How to choose channels in Tata Sky app.

Step 2

There will be two options, select channels and recharge your DTH account. Click on the first one, after which you will see five tabs: TataSky Services, channels, broadcaster packs, TataSky packs, and current packs. Now put a tick in the boxes next to the channels you want to pick.

Step 3

And here comes the last step in how to choose channels in Tata Sky. Now, at the bottom, click "Select & Proceed" then you'll be presented with a summary of the channels you selected along with the pricing.  After reviewing the pricing and channel list, click to confirm.

Once you're done with that step, a message will be sent to you saying that your new channel plans have been selected, and you'll pay the charge as notified.

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