The Banana Phone From The Matrix Is Now Avalable For Just Rs 5,999

Chander Sinha - Oct 12, 2018

The Banana Phone From The Matrix Is Now Avalable For Just Rs 5,999

Nokia 8110 Banana Phone is back!

Beside developing the modern devices, recently, Nokia has announced that remaking the old-school phone brands. Last year, the remade version of the classic 3310 were published. And now, the 8110 first introduced in 1999, or also widely recognized as the “banana phone”, is also available right here in India.

HMD Global, whose subsidiary company is Nokia, made an announcement earlier this year claiming that it was working on the phone. And here it is now. The 2018 version of 8110 - Nokia 2018 4G. This is once an iconic phone for appearing in the all-time famous movie The Matrix.

Nokia Banana Phone

The device still keeps the unique shape of the original version - a banana-like curve, especially when you fully open the phone. You can see everything on the screen whenever you want, however, to fully use all the feature of the phone, such as calling or texting, it requires you to pull down the slider which helps reveal the phone’s keyboard. This step is very important when you make a phone call as it will make the mouthpiece closer to your mouth.


The new version use the Snapdragon 205 by Qualcomm as its processor, it is comprised of Cortex A7 cores of 1.1GHz. The banana phone has the RAM of 512MB, it can store internally up to 4GB. There is also a camera with 2MP rear and and tiny 320x240 display with 2.4-inch QVGA.


The built-in expandable storage of the phone has originally 4GB and 32GB after expanding. Like in the name, it can connect to 4G and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and also Bluetooth 4.1 as well as micro USB 2. And last but not least, a jack to plug your headphone in.

The phone’s main source of power is a 1500mAh battery providing you with 25 days of standby time and approximately 9 hours of continuously calling.

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Starting from the 24th of October this year, you can find the 2018 version of the 8119 Banana phone in India for the price of Rs 5,999. The available colors include Banana Yellow and Traditional Black.


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