iPhone 11 Survives After Month Of Being Emerged At Bottom Of A Lake

Karamchand Rameshwar - Feb 29, 2020

iPhone 11 Survives After Month Of Being Emerged At Bottom Of A Lake

The Lisa family was surprised and happy to find Lisa's iPhone 11 is still in great condition despite being emerged at the bottom of a lake for a month.

In October last year, the couple Lisa and Jacob Troyer decided to go on a tour to Disney World along with their daughter. The whole family had a great day in Florida and met Disney characters in gorgeous Halloween costumes. The story was shared by her husband Jacob to MacRumors.

However, by the end of the day, after attending the Halloween party at the Magic Kingdom theme park and waiting for a ferryboat to leave the park, while the whole family was waiting, something unfortunate happened. Lisa's new iPhone 11 slipped out of her pocket and fell straight to the bottom of Seven Seas - a small lake area in front of the Magic Kingdom amusement park, where Disney operates waterways.

Iphone 11 Works After Emerge Bottom Of A Lake
Lisa's family. From left to right: Jakob, Sophie, and Lisa Troyer.

Because it was dark and the iPhone was at the bottom of the lake, Lisa thought that there was no chance to get her iPhone 11 back.

Iphone 11 Works After Emerge Bottom Of A Lake 1
Seven Seas Lake is right in front of the Magic Kingdom theme park at Disney World Florida.

The next day, Lisa gave her contact information to a supervisor at Disney World. This person said that Disney World has a professional diving team to search for lost items. In desperation, Lisa and her family returned to Montana and she bought a new iPhone, continuing the normal family life.

About 2 months later, Lisa received a few missed calls from the Orlando area. Thinking that it was just telescopic calls, Lisa didn't pick up. However, the next day, her father-in-law called her and announced that Disney had found her phone.

Iphone 11 Works After Emerge Bottom Of A Lake 2
Disney also delivered the phone to Lisa, and despite staying at the bottom of the lake for a long time, Lisa's iPhone 11 worked normally.

"I was able to retrieve all of the pictures from our Disney Halloween night, and besides some sand in my case and a little algae on the cover, the phone seems no worse for the wear," Lisa also said that the only thing protected her iPhone was a thin silicon case.

Surprised by the iPhone 11's water resistance, Lisa wrote an email about her story and addressed it to CEO of Apple Tim Cook. Tim Cook later thanked her for sharing his wonderful story.
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