Incredible Tech Powering the 2022 FIFA World Cup for the Sport and Fans’ Devices

hoaict - Aug 26, 2022

Incredible Tech Powering the 2022 FIFA World Cup for the Sport and Fans’ Devices

It seems like the 2014 FIFA World Cup became a turning point for FIFA as, after years of cries from fans and professionals in the sport, they finally introduced goal-line technology. After the tournament in Brazil, FIFA kept on rolling, deploying VAR technology at the 2018 tournament. Now, there’s even more tech being enforced by the governing body, the hosts, and even third parties looking to enhance the occasion. The Qatar soccer experience will be like none other to date, taking place in the Middle East for the very first time and under the management of an eager-to-impress, super-rich nation. Anyone in attendance will be able to tap into some truly innovative and incredible tech, from owners of older smartphones to more modern flagships like the Galaxy Note 10+ device. So, what can fans and players expect for their tech indulgences at Qatar 2022?

On the pitch and in the stadium

The headline new tech that FIFA will be infusing into the Qatar World Cup is semi-automated offside detection. As detailed by this Lifestyle Asia article, the tech requires at least 12 cameras under the roof of the stadium, each of which tracks every player’s data points. With up to 29 of these per player, they’re monitored 50 times per second. Another sensor tracked up to 500 times per second is also in the Al Rihla match ball, making use of Adidas’ new Suspension System in the middle of the soccer ball. All of this helps with faster offside decisions and the VAR process that was introduced at the last World Cup. It’s fair to say that, with all of the new tech required to build and use the ball, it’s become one of the gadgets to track in itself.

Naturally, and even with much of the global soccer calendar needing to be bumped to accommodate, the heat in Qatar has long been a pressing concern. Even in the November to December dates, Qatar’s expected to hit an average daytime temperature of 29.7°C (85.46°F) in Doha, per Weather and Climate calculations. That’s incredibly warm for at least 90 minutes of competitive soccer, with a drinks break every 20 minutes simply not being enough to compensate. So, as the nation had to build many of the stadiums for the World Cup, new cooling technology was implemented. Air conditioning fans, per the Irish Examiner piece, will take in air from pitchside through grills in the stands, which then pumps the air that’s already been cooled back out.

Perhaps one of the biggest steps being taken by the hosts is to be inclusive of people with disabilities to ensure that all can enjoy the grand spectacle in the desert state. At each venue, there’s Bonocle, which translates digital information into Braille. Sensory viewing rooms will also be available at each stadium to help people with sensory processing conditions to enjoy the games in a more calm and quiet environment. Finally, Feelix Palm utilizes virtual reality headsets and Braille to send pulses through the user’s hand, allowing for free movement around the parks regardless of visual capacity.

For the fans cheering in Qatar and beyond

A huge feature of Qatar 2022 will be the capacity of the nation’s vast and long-established 5G networks. Ericsson will support the event management and network optimization throughout, keeping all eight stadiums connected and 5G experiences ongoing at tourist hot spots, airports, and other locations that fans are bound to head to during the tournament. While you would need an iPhone 12 Pro Max or better to actually tap into the 5G networks and use its incredible speeds, the networks will mostly apply benefits around you. For example, the QMIC is making use of the Internet-of-Things across Doha to keep fans informed in real-time as to the best routes or services to use to get to a game, which fans can access via the dedicated app. Away from the venues, this high-speed fiber optic network will further benefit the fans through its capacity to enhance live broadcasting.

As 7Production details here, it connects each venue with the International Broadcast Coordination Centre, delivering the highest possible capacity broadband to networks. Those at home will be able to immerse themselves in the World Cup in more ways than ever in 2022, with the Betway live casino offering one of the more novel ways. Live Football Roulette, Football Studio, and Live Football French Roulette all lean into the live action while playing the classic table game. So, if you’re not in Qatar, you can spin for the win while keeping up with the scores. The Snapchat social app is running a similar “football fever” product, with its AR experiences being able to bring Ooredoo Tower to life, compete in the Juggling Challenge, and use unique AR effects.

It’s going to be a World Cup to remember, with Qatar doing everything that it can to leverage the most advanced tech available to enhance the sport and the fan experience.


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