Apple Will Stop Revealing How Many iPad, iPhone And Mac It Sells

Indira Datta - Nov 02, 2018

Apple Will Stop Revealing How Many iPad, iPhone And Mac It Sells

Luca Maestri told financial analysts at a conference that from next quarter Apple will not offer sales data for iPhone, Mac and iPad products anymore.

Luca Maestri, Apple's chief financial officer, told financial analysts at its Q4 conference that Apple will not publicize unit sales data for iPhone, Mac and iPad products anymore. This move has also been applied to smaller devices namely AirPods, HomePod, and Apple Watch.

The reason for this change is that Apple's revenues increased but overall unit sales were much lower as Wall Street predicted. Maestri claimed that that data does not represent Apple's business strength since the unit sales are not as relevant as it used to be. Though, he also said Apples still aimed at raising unit sales.

When Apple does not provide data, journalists and analysts do not have the necessary data to calculate each product's average selling price. And in spite of their irrelevance, unit sales still indicate how well the devices are selling, considering that the new iPhones are more expensive than the previous ones.

When asked to CEO Tim Cook, he said:


In the next quarter, analysts will surely find it more difficult to calculate how well new Apple's devices sell.

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Apple will stop reporting unit sales of iPhone, iPad, and Mac from next quarter

Economic analysts and investors track Apple sales as a habit and thus infer the average selling price of each product, although each product sold does not exactly reflect the performance. Apple's business. For example, the current sales of each iPhone device do not increase, but Apple's price increase strategy is working quite well. The average selling price of the iPhone in the market has risen more than $ 700 since Apple released the iPhone X. This is further increased when XS Max is launched. This demonstrates that loyal Apple fans have helped the company increase its average selling price for a short period of time.

When Apple announced a change in its revenue structure, which led to the blurring of corporate revenue, Apple's stock dropped nearly 4% and then dropped more than 7%. In the near future, Apple's sales analysis will be far more difficult for investors and analysts.


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