Zuckerberg Was Absent From The Global Hearing Session, How Much Longer Is He Hiding?

Dhir Acharya - Nov 28, 2018

Zuckerberg Was Absent From The Global Hearing Session, How Much Longer Is He Hiding?

Once again, Zuck did not show up to talk about the Cambridge Analytica scandal with representatives of 400 million people.

On Tuesday, nine parliaments across the globe sent over lawmakers to London for a discussion on the disinformation issue on Facebook. However, against the UK Parliaments’ order, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg did not show up.

Zuckerberg repeatedly turned down invitations to the inaugural session held by the International Grand Committee on Disinformation at the UK’s Parliament. In total, there were 24 politicians from all over the world, including Asia and South America, attending the session, who were irked by Mark’s absence.

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Zuckerberg's empty seat at the hearing session

Obviously, this is not the first time he’s turned down an event like this.

Days after the Cambridge Analytica incident went public in March, Facebook CEO failed to address the scandal to both his employees and the public. He just literally disappeared, resulting in a global trending cry “where’s Zuck?” on social media. Since then, Zuck has publicly spoken about the scandal, but he never explained Facebook’s failure.

The politicians arriving at the UK’s Parliament have complained about Zuckerberg’s absence for many times, and this is another outrage among them.

At the session, policy director of Facebook in Europe, Richard Allan, said next to the empty chair where Mark was supposed to sit. The Facebook executive who thirdly provided the Parliament with evidence received jokes from other participants.

Nele Lijnen, a politician from Belgium, asked if Allan knew the meaning of “sending your cat” – a Flemish phrase. She then told him the phrase means “not showing up.” and he was sitting next to the cat. Allan also received other less funny jokes from the rest of the room.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho richard allan

Richard Allan

Parliament member from Canada Bob Zimmer said to Allan that it’s such an insult for the politicians in that room who, on behalf of 400 million people, wanted to see Zuck and he just did not show up. Besides Zimmer, there were others representatives from Brazil, Irland, Argentina, Singapore, and Latvia.

Another Canadian representative, Charlie Angus, said: “Who gave Mr. Zuckerberg advice to blow off this committee?”

British angry MP Brenda O’Hara mocked the fact that Zuckerberg, who was wanted, did not appear, but Allan showed up instead. She asked Allan who had decided he was the best person to attend.

Allan replied to O’Hara in front of other politicians, “I volunteered myself.” Allen further explained he was following discussions on the disinformation across the world. He said that their assumption is that users wanted that thing.

The committee did not buy his response, each time he failed to give an answer or said he would follow up, the politician reiterated that’s the reason Zuckerberg must have been there instead of Allan.

Parliament British member Clive Efford said to Allan that there are decisions that apparently come from a higher level than the one he works at, that’s why they needed Zuck.

Who’s tougher, the Parliament or Zuckerberg?

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Mark Zuckerberg

After the session, Zimmer said in a press conference that Allan actually succeeded in deflecting the committee in that session by taking the bullet for Zuck. “He's weathered the storm,” said Zimmer.

Damian Collins, chair of the committee of disinformation, claimed that he would not give up on bringing Zuck to face the committee.

Collin has been the most active in calling for Zuckerberg, he repeatedly showed his dismay about Zuck’s repeated refusal. It is likely that Zuck and the Collins cannot come face to face and agree on anything right now, and Zuck seems not to have the upper hand.

Damian Collins

Damian Collins

In the meantime, Zuckerberg cannot set his foot in the UK without agreeing to present in front of the Parliament, which will be such an embarrassment to him. It looks like Zuck can only choose one, giving in or staying away from the UK.

The same situation for Canada, Zuck can be escorted to the Parliament if he visits the country.

There seem to be no signs of this scandal to subside. Although the UK Parliament said it has collected enough evidence, the call for Zuck’s presence is only getting louder as more and more countries are getting involved.

Collins stated:



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