Vodafone Sends Fraud Alerts To Its Users Again

Indira Datta - Dec 13, 2018

Vodafone Sends Fraud Alerts To Its Users Again

Telecom service providers send alerts to users through SMS, asking people to be wary of recent lottery scams.

The development of technology has brought a whole lot more convenience to our lives, regarding all aspects. However, long with pros come cons. The matter of fraud and online crimes is growing and increasing every day. Therefore, from smartphone manufacturers to application developers and telecom operators, they should create the best conditions for their users to avoid scams.

This year, smartphone makers and telecom operators, in turn, introduced updates, measures, and alerts to keep their customer safe from various scams and frauds. Vodafone is no exception when it recently issued a warning to its users. This is the second warning of the same type given by the company in the past few weeks.

This time, the telecom service provider sends alerts to users through short message services (SMS), asking people to be wary of current lottery scams. According to the company's message, users should not recall missed calls from unidentified ISDs which have prefix different from "+91" or calls/SMS messages about winning a prize or lottery because this could be phishing scams.

Vodafone users probably already know this is not the first caution given by the company. Last week, this telecom service provider also sent users messages that warned people of calling from suspicious phone numbers. Vodafone has sent a warning message to all of its users to prevent its customers from being duped by the calls with unknown origins.

Accordingly, the text message from Vodafone said that if users were receiving an international call but the number displays on their phone screens is a national number or it even does not show any numbers, please report to the number 1963 or the phone number 1800-110-420 which are both free of charge. These are the two phone numbers that the government released last year to protect users from all forms of fraud involved with VoIP.


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