Up To 30 Million Facebookers Were Hacked By Spammers

Author - Oct 22, 2018

Up To 30 Million Facebookers Were Hacked By Spammers

30 million Facebookers were hacked personal data by Spammers in September 2018.

Instead of compromised 50 million user accounts, the total number of exposed Facebook user accounts were 30 million in the attack in September - that showed the smaller scale with more severe damage.

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The culprits who are responsible for this incident are spammers - they acted as a digital marketing company. They used 400.000 accounts to steal access tokens to Facebook accounts. About 30 million Facebookers have been listed as victims of this group.

Facebook stated that in 30 million hacked accounts, up to 14 million were revealed real names, detailed contacts as well as other sensitive data including gender, relation situation, and recently checkin locations.

Moreover, hackers swiped names and contact information of the 15 million user accounts, and the remaining Facebookers (about 1 million) were stolen their access tokens - the random code provided to access the accounts without passwords. Finally, Facebook had to reset the access tokens for all of the victims.

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Most of Facebookers have been now worried about their online data, like financial information or contact info, which can be illegally exploited by hackers or spammers. As a result of this breach, Mark Zukerberg - the chairman of Facebook might be fired.


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