Microsoft To Launch Xbox Featuring 8K Capability

Maya Bhagat - Jun 25, 2019

Microsoft To Launch Xbox Featuring 8K Capability

Microsoft is working to create its most powerful Xbox as it gears up for the next wave of gaming console hardware.

Playing video games is becoming more and more popular amongst people in the modern world. The need for video games grows, leading to an increasing need for the gaming console. To meet people’s need, Microsoft is developing the strongest Xbox as it prepares for the next gaming console hardware wave. At E3, the company shed some light on its next hardware's details.

Microsoft is working on the strongest Xbox.

Some huge factoids were teased through the company’s teaser on "Project Scarlett." What we know are some of the outstanding features of the upcoming console such as 8K capability, the ability to handle up-to-120fps-frame rates and SSD storage utilization to lower load times. The hardware is said to be powerful enough for ray-tracing enable in real-time.

According to a video illustrating this new hardware, this generation is expected to be the best generation which will surpass any preceding generation. Compared to the Xbox One X, the new hardware, as Microsoft says, will be 4 times as powerful.

The company says that the new-generation console’s release date will be in 2020’s holiday season. Moreover, its launch will be alongside with Halo Infinite – a new Halo title.

The new-generation console’s release date will be in 2020’s holiday season.

Phil Spencer - Xbox head at Microsoft’s E3 presser, said, "A console should be designed and built and optimized for one thing: gaming." Therefore, the new console is expected to focus on its gaming ability.

So, there, we have already had a little bit of information about the plan of PlayStation for the next generation console. Most of the details are related to the transition of the system to SSD storage as well as its dependence the third-gen AMD Ryzen CPU.

We will need to wait and see if the new systems are going to stack up against each other or not.


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