Huawei To Be Banned From Providing “Core” Components Of UK’s 5G Network

Harin - Apr 24, 2019

Huawei To Be Banned From Providing “Core” Components Of UK’s 5G Network

British PM Theresa May has ordered that Chinese telecoms supplier Huawei is to be banned from supplying core parts of the future 5G mobile phone network.

Following a meeting, PM Theresa May has banned Chinese telecoms supplier Huawei from providing “core” parts for the country’s 5G network.

The company will be permitted to offer the country some “non-core” technology. But even this decision was questioned by ministers participating in the meeting as they argued for a total ban instead.

However, Britain’s Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, Tom Tugendhat, said to make a distinction between “non-core” and “core” parts in 5G is a challenging task due to how the network is developed.

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He said, in an interview with BBC Radio:


The political decision may result in unnerving the company and China. It also comes amid Britain, the US and some other countries’ growing concern about whether the technology of the country could pose as a risk to national security.

Intelligence agencies of Britain have been cautious with Huawei, but haven’t called for a total ban.

Last month, Jeremy Fleming, spy agency GCHQ’s director, argued that the country needs to be aware of “the opportunities and threats” presented by China’s technology.

Other countries have implemented tougher measures. In the US, Chinese firms are not allowed to participate in developing essential telecoms infrastructure. In February, during his speech, US Vice President Mike Pence asked the security partners of the company to be alert.

The decision of the UK on Huawei also comes days prior to the visit of chancellor Phillip Hammon to China to attend the upcoming Belt and Road investment forum held in Beijing.

The ministers who have raised their voices about Huawei at the meeting with the PM include foreign security Jeremy Hunt, home secretary Sajid Javid, defense secretary Gavin Williamson, international development secretary Penny Mordaunt.


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