Facebook Will Now Write The Comments On Your Behalf

Dhir Acharya - Nov 22, 2018

Facebook Will Now Write The Comments On Your Behalf

Facebook has a new algorithm-based feature which will suggest suitable comments for you based on types of post.

Despite all the allegations of failure in privacy and security practice, Facebook has proved us that nothing can stand in its way to bring about innovations and new features. This time, the social network takes a step further as its new feature will allow Facebook to post a comment by itself, on your behalf.

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According to some users, the currently being tested feature displays a comment generated by an algorithm, which means the only thing left for you to do is click the post button. The technology Facebook uses this time is similar to the Smart Reply feature in Gmail except for the fact that it recognizes the sort of post and brings the most suitable comments.

Yet, for now, this feature seems available on live videos only, The Next Web reported. We cannot say for sure if the feature will come to other places on the social network and if yes, when. As you can see from the following photos, the feature generates short and not very natural sounding comments, though they are still useful. Some examples you can see here are “Heartbreaking”, “This is so sad”, Hope everyone is OK” and Unbelievable”, plus emojis.

For Facebook, the launch of this new feature may raise the level of user engagement on the social network. The only thing to concern is that hopefully, people will not take advantage of this feature to spam on posts.


Buzzfeed also reported on the new feature, it said that on one of the live stream talking about a potential sexual harassment, which was lived from Catholic supply store, the feature suggested several comments like “Take Care” or “Respect”, pretty good, right?

Not long ago, Facebook also introduced a new feature on its mobile app which displays a chart indicating the amount of time that a user spends on Facebook every day for the past week and the average number for that whole week.


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