Facebook And Twitter Are Nothing But 'Garbage', Says Linux Founder

Anil - Apr 05, 2019

Facebook And Twitter Are Nothing But 'Garbage', Says Linux Founder

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter might be nothing but a disease in the Torvalds’s mind.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are not only bringing us an overwhelming internet world but also paradoxical effects. From a purely practical point of view, social media is definitely “a disease”. The Finnish tech pioneer Linus Torvalds has claimed his standpoint about that in a recent interview with Linux Journal this week.

Torvalds is the father of Linux, a free and open-source that has competed against MacOS of Apple and Windows of Microsoft. While the Linux software does not seem to be involving any social media businesses, it might come to controversy after his speech. The response came after a question about what the one thing in the tech industry that he would like to fix right now.

Linustorvalds 2016 Embed

Linus Torvalds did his very public shaming of NVIDIA over their Linux support a few years ago

As per the interview, he admitted that he absolutely keeps away from modern social media platforms, notably Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. The only reason which he gave us is the encouragement of bad behavior of those platforms. It might be nothing but a disease in the Torvalds’s mind. All of the “liking” and “sharing” models are just garbage. In his opinion, these functions just simply are not qualified. Things were designed without effort and quality control. Things were designed to bait the clicks, generate an emotional response, often one of moral outrage.

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Torvalds's speech referred to Facebook and Twitter but they haven't made any comments about it.

Last but not least, Torvalds is not the only one disappointed with social media behemoths. Little by little, users are giving up on these similar kinds of stuff, due to a dozen scandals that the companies brought to them over the years. Issues of security, bad behavior, harassment, and more others have blurred everything else their products are built for the first time.


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