The Biggest Online Casino Tech Trends of 2020

Aadhya Khatri - Oct 14, 2020

The Biggest Online Casino Tech Trends of 2020

As the world faces the worst economic crisis of 2020, what are the tech trends that have allowed these web-based casinos to thrive?

Anyone who follows the latest tech trends on MobyGeek knows that the gaming industry is only getting bigger and bigger. And a big part of this growth is the new technologies that have allowed online casinos to take a larger slice of the gaming pie.

As the world faces the worst economic crisis of 2020, what are the tech trends that have allowed these web-based casinos to thrive?

Virtual Reality (VR)

While a fully immersive VR casino experience is yet to exist, today’s online casino developers are determined to get there. Out of the different tech trends adopted by online casinos, only VR technology has gotten truly close to replicating the physical casino experience online. European Gaming in its report on VR use in online casinos points to NetEnt as a primary player in the development of VR casino games. The Swedish gaming firm is also one of the most prominent online casino providers in the world today. In fact, ExpatBets in their coverage of different gaming trends has discussed how NetEnt leads the way not just in VR slots, but also VR versions of roulette, blackjack, and other classic table games. Along with companies like Microgaming VR and Lucky VR, NetEnt is paving the way for fully immersive VR casinos to become reality.

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Online Casino Tech Trends

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Much like the rest of the world, online casinos are also being upended by AI in many different ways. Through machine learning AI algorithms, for instance, today’s live online casino chatbots can intelligently answer player queries at any time of the day. When applied to the raw business data of online casinos, the same AI-enabled analytic power allows casino providers to make actionable recommendations that actually appeal to players. Apart from fine-tuning customer service for online casinos, even physical casinos can benefit from AI through facial recognition software for increased security. And both physical and online casinos can use AI algorithms to better predict and understand customer behavior. Much like how retail giant Amazon has used AI to improve the user experience on their e-commerce platform, so will online casinos to reap the benefits of predictive AI analytics for fine-tuning the appeal of gaming portals.


Compared to fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are generally more conducive to online casino gaming. Apart from how using crypto grants players more anonymity and safety online, they also don’t come with the different bank fees and hidden charges that one might expect of fiat currency transactions. And as more and more players recognize these advantages, more and more web-based casinos are taking notice. For instance, while MintDice is not the first online casino company to adopt crypto payments, it functions as a unique social casino that accepts not just Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies as well. With its focus on transparency when it comes to payment options and operations, which is further enabled by their use of crypto, MintDice is paving the way for higher customer trust in the field of web-based gambling.

While there are other tech trends taking the online casino world by storm, these three are the biggest and most influential trends in the future of online gaming. Combined, VR, AI, and cryptocurrency will continue to be integral to the evolution of online casinos in the coming years.
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