Why Is My Phone So Slow: Causes And Simple Solutions

Dhir Acharya - Feb 19, 2021

Why Is My Phone So Slow: Causes And Simple Solutions

Why is my phone so slow? Its battery can be degrading or its components may be broken. Here are some other reasons and solutions to this problem.

Everyone is happy with a new phone that looks so flashy and runs so smoothly that you want to use it all the time. Over time, however, your phone will likely run slower and this can be attributed to a number of reasons. If you are asking, “Why is my phone so slow,” this post is definitely for you. Not only will the post answer your question but it will also tell you what to do to fix the problem.

Why is my phone so slow
Why is my phone so slow?

Why is my phone so slow?

Smartphones are often divided into iPhones and Android phones. But in this part, we will list the most common reasons why a phone is slow for both groups so you can troubleshoot the speed issue on your own device.

Degrading battery

The longer you use the phone, the longer it takes to recharge the battery, which is easy to notice. At the same time, the battery life declines. This happens because the lithium-ion battery in your phone relies on a healthy ion flow from a cathode to an anode, but this flow is decreased over time due to increasing resistance. So, if you are wondering “why is my phone charging so slow,” this is the answer.

Why is my phone so slow
Why is my phone so slow? Probably a degrading battery

This also explains why your phone battery loses a bit of its capacity year over year, resulting in a longer charging time and the need for more frequent charging. In addition, each battery has its own life expectancy, ranging from 600 to 800 charging cycles.

A degrading battery has negative effects on your phone’s performance as it tends to produce excessive heat that stresses other components. Furthermore, it cannot always support heavy use at times, meaning occasional random shutdowns.

If you are specifically looking for solutions to how to make your phone charge faster iPhone, here are some useful tips you can apply:

  • Turn off the phone
  • Remove the case before charging
  • Use a wall charger
  • Keep the phone in a cool environment

Limited storage

No matter if you are using an Android device or an iPhone, limited storage slows it down. Modern phone chips rely on different techniques to keep the phone’s storage free and available, but the more data you fill in (like photos, videos, and messages), the less space are left free to maneuver.

Why is my phone so slow
Why is my phone so slow with limited storage

Damaged components

Over time, with long-term use, the battery, storage, and memory of your phone degrade. But the phone can also slow down if one or more components are broken or damaged after being dropped several times. In other cases, moisture can get into the phone and ruins the components as well.


Installing and using many programs and apps brings a load of work to your phone, drains system resources, and even poses security risks. Having many unused applications on your device does no good to the phone’s performance, not to mention those automatically running in the background that you are not aware of.

How to speed up your phone?

How to make your iPhone faster, is a question many must be asking when noticing your device is slower than when you first got it. In this part, we will show you a few ways applicable for both iPhones and Android phones to boost their performance.

Why is my phone so slow
Perform an app audit

Perform an app audit

This is a detailed inventory of all the applications installed on your phone along with the permissions they have. With a good app audit, you can find out what you have on your phone and what each of them does exactly.

By performing an app audit, you can get rid of the unnecessary apps and programs on your phone. At the same time, you can see which app is consuming more data.

Here’s how to perform an app audit on an Android phone: first of all, open the Settings app on the phone and head to Apps > Notifications. Then, tap on an app and select Permissions to see what access it has. This process will reveal all the applications you have installed on your device and you can simply uninstall any app unused.

Now, to perform an app audit on an iPhone, you also need to visit the Settings app and tap on Privacy. Here, you can control the permissions for each app.

An app audit will help you free up storage and reduce the pressure on system resources, increasing the speed of the phone.

Why is my phone so slow
Clear app cache

Clear cache

Browsers and apps chase certain information to speed things up, so random cache clearance can have an adverse effect on the phone’s overall performance. But cached information can get corrupted and freeing up some storage space can be a great help.

The only way for iPhone clear cache is by uninstalling an app and reinstalling it. The process will wipe out all the saved data on the app.

For Android users, you need to open Settings > Apps or Other Apps. Depending on the model you’re using, you will be able to find the option to clean up old files or clear the app’s cache.

Why is my phone so slow
Update the operating system

Update the operating system

Updating to the latest version of an operating system is good and a recommended task for users because new updates always come with bug fixes and patches for the glitches that may have been slowing your phone down.

Turn off automatic updates

However, for some older phones or phones with small storage, keeping the older version of the operating system may be a better idea.

The automatic update feature means your phone can quietly download updates in the background as you use it. While this is convenient and time-saving, it gives more work to the phone and you don’t get to choose whether or not to update your app/device.

Overall, in this post, we have included the reasons why is my phone so slow along with some simple, common measures you can turn to for fixing this problem. We hope that you will be able to overcome the slow performance problem and improve the experience on your phone.

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