How To Recharge Airtel: Step-By-Step Guidelines

Dhir Acharya - Mar 03, 2020

How To Recharge Airtel: Step-By-Step Guidelines

How to recharge Airtel card, step-by-step guidelines for recharging your data plans, card codes, and more. Guidelines for Indian users in 2020.

It’s troublesome that you can’t remember the Airtel recharge code when you need to load the Airtel card. But don’t worry, there are several ways for you to overcome this situation. In this article, we will help you by covering not only the Airtel recharge code but also the Airtel data recharge code, Airtel data code, as well as how to recharge Airtel data.

Essentially, the code we’re talking about here is the USSD number that’s used for loading airtel credit or the one used for crediting Airtel balance. Unless you have this code, you can’t recharge or load your Airtel balance.

To load credit, you need to dial *126* form your device, then you type in your card number, ending with # and then press on Call. After dialing the recharge card coupon and the Airtel recharge code, you need to wait for a second then you will be credited.

After recharging, you can check your Airtel balance but you will need the Airtel balance check code. To check the Airtel balance, dial *123# on your phone, remember this USSD code is just for the main balance check, not for data balance.

How To Recharge Airtel
How To Recharge Airtel

Airtel data code

This one is different from the Airtel recharge code as they have different USSD codes. However, sometimes, they can be used interchangeably.

While the data code is used to recharge or subscribe to the Airtel data bundle, the recharge code is used to recharge airtime only. For recharging Airtel data, just dial *141# then choose the data plan you want.

How to recharge Airtel card code

If your Airtel account balance still has money, you can’t subscribe to with the code mentioned above. In this case, you need to recharge your Airtel data using a different code based on your desired amount.

Now, for subscribing to Airtel’s N1000 monthly data plan that offers 1.5GB with 30-day validation, you just need to dial *141*1000#. Or you can recharge a 3.5GB data plan (N1500) with 30-day validation by dialing *141*1500#. It gives you a night bonus of 1GB data that you can use between 12 AM and 7 AM only.

How to recharge Airtel card

Typically, to recharge Airtel card, you can dial *126* followed by the coupon number. However, there is a way for you to recharge and receive a bonus. Below are how to get an x20 bonus while recharging the Airtel card.

How to recharge Airtel x20 Bonus Code

This will give you 20 times what you recharge as a bonus, which will basically increase the calling time for you. To get this bonus, dial *241# from your phone, then you will get a message in which you can choose the bonus you want. Pick one and you’re done.

How To Recharge Airtel
How To Recharge Airtel

Airtel data recharge code

This is the code used for redeeming or recharging Airtel Internet data. There are various types and levels of data plans, each of which comes with a different USSD code. Below are some of the most important data recharge codes including night night, daily, as well as a monthly subscription.

How to recharge Airtel data card on the app

Step 1: Log in to your account on Airtel Thanks App

Step 2: Tap on Recharge

Step 3: Tap Data Recharge

Step 4: Type in your registered phone number or name

Step 5: Choose the operator

Step 6: Browse through the plans or head to Pay Now

Or you can credit your account using one of these two processes if you don’t have the Airtel recharge code.

Night plan data recharge code

This is a special data offer for those who browse at night a lot, lasting between 12 AM and 6 AM. There are two options, subscription to 1GB data fro 250# or 500Mb for 100#.

How to recharge Airtel month data plan

The recharge code for this plan is *141#, follow these steps:

Step 1: Dial *141# from your phone

Step 2: You will get a message showing several data plans

Step 3: Choose a monthly plan from the options

Step 4: You will get another message, from which you can pick a data plan that’s best for you

Recharge Airtel data card using Payments bank

This process doesn’t require any codes but you will need an Airtel account and the Airtel Thanks App.

How to recharge Airtel data card on its website without using a code

Step 1: Visit the Airtel website from your browser

Step 2: Log in to your Airtel account

Step 3: Click on the menu, then click on Data card recharge, then enter your data card number.

Step 4: Select your operator number

Step 5: Type in your desired amount

Step 6: Click Proceed

How to recharge Airtel SIM using no codes

SME is an online platform that lets you buy data at a low rate from vendors and you don’t need to know the recharge code. And you pay for this through Airtel Mobile App, Amulyam, or Paytm.

How to credit on Airtel Website

Step 1: Visit the website

Step 2: Log in using MPIN or your number

Step 3: Click Payment and Recharges

Step 4: Click Prepaid Recharge

Step 5: Type in your phone number then choose your operator

Step 6: Pick one from the plans shown to you

Step 7: Type in the recharge amount then click on Continue

Steps to load credit using My Airtel App

To be able to do this, make sure you have the My Airtel app installed on your phone.

Step 1: Login using your mobile number

Step 2: Tap on Payments Bank Section

Step 3: Tap on Recharge

Step 4: Tap on Mobile

Step 5: Type in the mobile number then choose your operator

Step 6: Scroll through the presented plans

Step 7: Pick the best plan for yourself

Step 8: Type in the recharge amount then click Pay now

Airtel Smartbytes: How To Top Up Data

Airtel Smartbytes is a service offered by Airtel that allows internet users to buy additional data after their plan's limited amount has run out. This helps users enjoy fast connections continuously especially when they need it for important work things. Here's how to top up data for Smartbyes Airtel:

First, open the Smartbytes webpage > find the upgrade column > Click on the plan you want. Okay, it’s ready for use. Once done, you can check the extra data you’ve purchased right after your Airtel top up.

>>> Airtel Smartbytes - How To Top Up, Check Broadband Data Plans - 2020


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