How To Control Your Notifications On Google Chrome

Anil Singh - Dec 31, 2019

How To Control Your Notifications On Google Chrome

This is how to make Google Chrome notifications get away from your life.

Google Chrome satisfies us with a couple of handy features, but some of them actually are not really convenient at all. Take notifications as a notable example: If you log in a site like Facebook or Twitter with your own credentials, the browser will ask you to choose turn on/off notifications. For many users, it’s very annoying when they notice the number of notifications would flood your screen then feel annoyed. Now, all they need to do is to prevent such a type of spamming before getting crazy as hell.

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Here’s how to control all your notifications on Google Chrome.

Find your notification settings. 


Settings for notifications is not really visible enough for users to get access in a timely manner. First, navigate to the hamburger-shaped menu, you’ll see the Settings option. Now you have to tap on it, scroll down until you notice the “Show advanced settings…” at the very bottom of the screen, then click on “Content settings…” Right there, you can find the Notifications section and take an overall look at your current settings.

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Turning notifications off or on 

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If you’re already okay and don’t want any notifications to distract your mind, you may need to take advantage of the key option that will “Do not allow any site to show notifications.” Thankfully, this option can be customized through “Manage exceptions…,” depending on your needs. In a word, you can turn on/off notifications of any sites from here. So, let start to choose a few selective exceptions for yourself.

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In addition, you’re allowed to get rid of notifications from specific IPs or an entire domain by blocking them. Add [*.] before the address then select "block" to make all notifications from this domain get away from your life.


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