How To Download Photos From Apple's iCloud To Mac

Anil - Feb 24, 2020

How To Download Photos From Apple's iCloud To Mac

Here's how you can get backed-up photos directly on your Mac.

Apple creates a handy environment for those using its cutting-edge products, making users have their tasks done with ease. In case you’re using an old-fashion low-storage iPhone device, it’s safe to back up all your photos on iCloud. However, sometimes you need to download or share these backed-up photos from iCloud to other devices, and here’s how you can get them directly on your Mac.

iCloud Photos

Frankly speaking, you can simply share photos by using AirDrop if they’re still on your iPhone. If you’ve deleted them to have more storage capacity, it’ll take extra time to download older stuff to your device before sharing them. As said above, we’re here to transfer photos right into your Mac computer quickly.

Firstly, make sure that you have your Mac there. Navigate to and sign in with your own Apple ID credentials (which are also used on your iPhone), and tap on “Next”.

iCloud 1
Sign in to iCloud on your Mac.

Click on “Photos” button.

iCloud 2
Choose the "Photos" option.

Now you’re able to see the interface of Apple Photos. Those who’ve used the Photos app on the Mac will find it very familiar.

Next, head to the sidebar and choose a particular album or media type you want to take or find them manually.

iCloud 3
Find your old photos.

Left-click on a file or hold down “Shift” on your keyboard at the same time to select multiple files.

iCloud 4
You can select to recover multiple photos.

After you’ve completely handled all your choices, tap on “Download” in the toolbar to save them locally. The Mac will then start downloading them in a full-resolution format.

iCloud 5
After all, choose "Download".

To find the downloads, you can visit the Downloads folder and check out that whether any file you need is downloaded or not.


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