How to Benefit from the Current Market When Developing Your Own Sports Service

LongPhan - Sep 07, 2020

How to Benefit from the Current Market When Developing Your Own Sports Service

A better understanding of the modern digital industry as a whole will help choose the best niche and approach.

Sports is a top interest across the globe, and the digital world has not been shy in creating a thriving interactive landscape for all fans. This makes it an ideal sector to get into, which can be done in many ways. Whether developing an app or delivering news on a Facebook group, users appreciate having access to features related to their favourite pastime. Below are current trends worth exploring, as well as an ideal recipe budding entrepreneurs should consider. A better understanding of the modern digital industry as a whole will help choose the best niche and approach.

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Almost every big brand associated with athletics has a virtual presence. Some focus more on perfecting the customer experience of their websites, while others venture into app territory. With mobile technology and use growing all the time, this is a smart choice, especially considering how much entertainment a single application can contain. ESPN’s software brings several services to the table, such as scores, alerts, highlights and live-streamed games. While this could all be found on their site, an app is easier and faster to navigate. Customers must be able to find what they need in a few quick moves.

But what a sports domain should include largely depends on the type of activity. Endurance racing, for example, is a completely different industry to the equestrian event of the same name. Their distinct elements and scoring systems have their own demands in terms of keeping fans up to date. Then there are regulation changes and even new sports emerging now and then. This means that a sports service, regardless of platform, needs to stay alert on updates that may affect their business in some way. The latest eSports news is a great example. YouTube’s exclusive partnership with Activision Blizzard shifts the landscape by excluding Twitch and benefitting Google users. Businesses dependent on these platforms would need to jump on new strategies.

Service Ideas from Other Industries

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Sports are a passion for many people, so any domain that wants to last must be able to earn fans’ favour. That’s accomplished by providing useful, even entertaining, features like a page displaying news and scores, an annual lottery for game tickets and a forum for visitors to interact in. Looking at other industries with a passionate following, a website or app designed as a source of handy, varied and fun opportunities is the way to win customers over.

Video games, for example, have a constantly growing fanbase, which created over the years a need for easier access and domains big enough to accommodate as many users as possible. And that was where ideas like Steam came to be. The programme not only contains thousands of titles, but also has space for players to form communities, show off their achievement badges and even make mods of their own in the Workshop. Additionally, the development and popularity of mobile technology has brought most of this to smartphones. Without such helpful and exciting elements, a digital sports business will have a hard time competing with more efficient rivals.

Trust is another important factor that distinguishes major brands across industries. Customers are confident that Nike, WWE and Samsung are experts in their fields and will turn to them first when they need something related. The same happens in the business of online casinos, for instance, where its many and often new services have to prove themselves reliable and worthy of players’ loyalty. Those that succeed, like 22Bet and BetWinner, can end up being listed as the best online gambling sites on platforms like and other iGaming sites; a testament to the quality of their games, bonuses and overall technology, including mobile accessibility. What this means for a sports-based enterprise is that it must have a great public image and strong services to back it all up.

The digital landscape is connected to several areas in people’s lives, especially the most popular ones. As a particular favourite, sports have transcended their physical nature and excelled in the virtual market too, expanding further as they go. Even though there’s no shortage of niches for programmers, journalists or vloggers to get into, a venture that aims for dominance has a lot of work ahead if they want to stand out. But, with inspiration to be found in established brands of all kinds, perfect design and marketing plans are entirely possible.

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