This iPhone 11 Pro Max Was Shot In The Face And It Survived

Dhir Acharya - Dec 06, 2019

This iPhone 11 Pro Max Was Shot In The Face And It Survived

Like other new handsets, the iPhone 11 Pro Max has been put through tests to see how strong they are, but this one is a little too intense.

Apple launched its iPhone 11 lineup in early September, but the smartphones had made headlines long before that with tons of leaks and rumors, and even until now, the flagships are still in the spotlight for Apple fans as well as those who love smartphones.

Like other newly launched smartphones, the iPhone 11 has been put through tests for us to see how strong they are, especially with Apple’s long reputation for top-tier hardware. And a recent post on Reddit seems to further confirm this.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apparently, 2 days ago, a Reddit user with the name u/jakecar98 posted a photo showing an iPhone 11 Pro Max with a hole on the screen with a caption saying “AS bullet went through this iPhone 11 Pro Max and yet the display is still powered on.”

As can be seen from the image, you can see the table through the hole, the glass around the hole is cracked but the damage doesn’t seem to affect the entire screen. It’s still on and showing the dial buttons though the area of the display around the hole went black. Also, the cracks were limited just around the hole too.

The phone had a bullet go through it

The post owner did share any further details about if the screen still functioned normally or if the phone died later. But with a bullet going through and the display was still powered on like that, it’s already impressive.

The post attracted thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments, mostly joked about how someone took the hole-punch display literally. Once again, Apple has solidified its reputation as the top smartphone maker in the world, though fiercely.


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