Samsung Music Integrated With Spotify, Spotting New Feature

Parvati Misra - Nov 01, 2018

Samsung Music Integrated With Spotify, Spotting New Feature

You can now search music on Spotify through Samsung Music, there is also a new feature in the latest update for Samsung Music.

The updated Samsung Music app gets Spotify integration

The latest update introduces a new feature that allows users to swipe between tabs

The update is available through Galaxy Apps.

In case you have a Samsung device, enter Galaxy Apps. A new update in now available for Samsung Music, the default music player.

Samsung's music app has received a brand new update. The latest app (v16.2.14.14) weighs  26.24MB and has a few major changes.

The key point of this update is a product of Samsung’s combined with Spotify. This integration brings about new music and recommends playlist to you; although, the function is not based on what you often listen to. You can find albums, songs and artist on Spotify in Samsung Music, too.

However, you cannot use Samsung Music to play songs on Spotify, you are taken to Spotify app which was installed on your phone after you select a song or playlist on Samsung Music. This seems a missed opportunity to have Samsung Music operate as a Spotify player. In fact, this sounds like a plan to draw people to use Spotify app.

And remember that this feature is only accessible in countries where Spotify is available.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Samsung Music gets Spotify integration and a fresh coat of paint in latest update

The update introduces a new tab design that includes a feature allowing you to swipe through Spotify, Playlists, Tracks, Albums, Artists, Favorites and Folders tabs. In addition, you can swipe from the bottom to pause the song being played and hide it by swiping from any position to the bottom. Both actions activate smoothly and slickly.

Lastly, there’s a crossfade feature which allows music to slowly fade out once you exist the app. Before the update, music would abruptly stop when you close the app.

If you want to download the latest patch, head over to Galaxy Apps on your Samsung device. It should roll out to everyone through Google Play after a few days.


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