Samsung Galaxy Android Pie Will Arrive In Jan 2019: New Updates And Features

Karamchand Rameshwar - Oct 09, 2018

Samsung Galaxy Android Pie Will Arrive In Jan 2019: New Updates And Features

The upcoming Android Pie update for Samsung devices will have a lot of new features including existing features of Galaxy S9 and Note 9.


The schedule for updating the Android 9.0 Pie on Samsung's many devices may not be released yet. However, some details of possible changes that the update may bring have been revealed by Samsung France to the Samsung Member community. Samsung France’s post also hinted the update will take place around January 2019. It may not be a surprise to many people but it is still such a disappointment as Android Pie has been being tested by a lot of manufacturers for while now.

Of course, even though that information is from one of official communities of Samsung, there is still no confirmation from Samsung itself. Nevertheless, it still gives us a good overview relating to the upcoming big update.

Update Changes Of Samsung Galaxy Android Pie

Some of existing features in Galaxy S9 and Note 9 will be available for previous devices with Android Pie like Galaxy Note 8. For example, the swipe to type feature which will automatically add a space after a number entered. This feature is already available in Samsung’s recent flagships.

VoLTE and VoWiFi are also confirmed to be supported in the second SIM of the dual-SIM. This feature was added to the S9 on the May update and it is also available in the Galaxy Note 9. Built-in apps such as gallery and voice recorder are also some additional features be added in the upcoming update.


The Gallery’s updates will allow users to access the videos they recorded more easily. The annoying part which all of the images are shown when the camera app was opened through the Camera app has also been fixed by Samsung. Now, only the recently taken videos and images in the camera folder will be visible in the gallery through the Camera app.

In terms of the camera, new features has also been confirmed to be available from January 2019 when Samsung releases Android Pie. Users will be able to use direct foucs mode with the phone's flash, which is already available in the Galaxy note 9. Additional features will also be brought to Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8 in the upcoming Android Pie update which using a floating keyboard for gaming sessions. With Android Pie, the phone can too read the name and phone number during an incoming call. Clipping audio recordings and listening to a specific part of the audio recorded is also a feature that is likely to be added as well.


The leaked builds of Android Pie for the two Samsung flagships Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 have already been on the Internet. Polus, we all know Galaxy S9 in all markets are being tested with the Android 9 update. Samsung has not claimed anything regarding a beta program and I doubt that they will not do it in any time soon. But Samsung also did not make any statements confirming the Android Oreo beta for its flagships up until November last year so do not lose hope for the beta of Android Pie.


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