HTC Will Focus On Making Mid-Range And Flagship Smartphones In 2019

Karamchand Rameshwar - Dec 19, 2018

HTC Will Focus On Making Mid-Range And Flagship Smartphones In 2019

HTC confirmed that the company will focus on making mid-range and flagship smartphones in the following year to revive its phone division.

HTC once was a strong competitor in the global smartphone market but it has already gone down for quite a while. Despite its effort to maintain its presence in the market, HTC's smartphones no longer get a lot of attention like it used to.

Htc U12 Plus Briefing Shots 3

HTC U12+ - one of the exisiting flagships of the company

However, despite poor sale figures, HTC hasn’t given up its smartphone array yet. The Taiwanese company just dismissed all of the speculations suggesting that it was going to leave the mobile market and stated that it would still release more additions to its smartphone portfolio in the upcoming year.

Reaffirming their statement, HTC has just said that it is planning to adopt a new strategy for the next year 2019. President of HTC Taiwan, Darren Chen, stated that the company will focus on the flagship and mid-range smartphones in an attempt to grab more market share and improve its profitability in 2019, according to DigiTimes.

But it seems a bit strange that the new plan of HTC to revive its phone division does not include the high-end devices (or at least not in the recent future). Instead, the Taiwanese company will focus on its existing flagships, HTC U12, into 2019.

Chen also added that the company has a positive sale figure for its HTC U12 Life variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, which was just launched last month.

Htc U12 Life Review 4 Thumb800

HTC U12 Life is selling pretty well

The approach of the Taiwanese company seems quite strange as far as the mid-range smartphone segment is concerned. Recently, it released the Desire 12s to the entry-level segment, featuring a dated Snapdragon 435 processor and a 5.7-inch HD+ screen with only a 1440 x 720 pixels resolution, yet they charged $195 (around Rs. 13,500) for it while other phones at a similar price range can offer more for the value.


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