Samsung has finally gone public with a long-lived secret that the company didn't keep well in the past - Galaxy Note 10 S Pen. The new pen has been overhauled with the new gesture control called "Air Actions." While the Note 9 S Pen acts like remote control, this new one takes a step further than its predecessor.

S Pen Galaxy Note 10

As of now, owners of Note 10/Note 10+ can easily wave the stylus to control their devices. Requiring you just to draw shapes above, it helps you activate shortcuts and do specific actions. Apart from that, you also can swish-and-flick to switch between cameras and toggle through modes, similar to which you can do with the Galaxy Tab S6.

S Pen 1

Now, we all know that the new device has unsurprisingly come with more than just a wishful rumor. According to the company, the stylus does not only allow you to take control of YouTube but also offer developers the Air Actions SDK. From that, we will soon be able to customize controls in more apps and games.

The S Pen is said to bring more flexibility in changing handwriting into digital text. You can go further with notes like editing them with customized text and getting them exported in various formats. These updates have solved some issues on the Note 9 S Pen, which were claimed with lots of complaints from users when it comes to see and change the font. Besides, the re-designed stylus also partners up with video editor so that you can edit at any exact moment more easily.

S Pen 2

To round it out, the S Pen comes in tow with AR Doodle to help users add animations, effects, and drawings. For those who're involved in making videos like vloggers and gamers, you can make you of the S Pen when using the new Screen Recorder to add annotations into your footage. As for the battery power, it's able to live up to hours with just a single charge, and recharged simply after you put it back into the device.

However, the stylus doesn't feature a camera. As which Samsung talked up about a camera-integrated stylus earlier this year, we will be expecting it to become a reality.