Apple Might Replace Lightning Port For USB-C Port On iPhone 11

Karamchand Rameshwar - Jun 12, 2019

Apple Might Replace Lightning Port For USB-C Port On iPhone 11

According to a discovery by a Twitter user, the upcoming iPhone 11 might feature a USB Type-C port instead of the tradition lightning port.

A previous report suggested that the upcoming iPhone 11 might pack an 18W charged which is one of the most notable rumors about the phone so far. Now, a new rumor hints at an even more exciting feature that could be used on the upcoming iPhones, and that is the UBC Type C port.

It was a big surprise when Apple decided to switch from the Lightning port to USB-C port on its iPad Pro. Now, rumor has it that the Cupertino-based giant will reportedly apply the change to its upcoming iPhone devices, according to a discovery in the newly-announced iOS 13 beta.

A French Twitter user discovered new visuals in the new iOS 13 when he connected his iPhone to the Mac to perform a store. Instead of an iTunes and a Lightning cable icon popping up on the iPhone screen as it does in previous versions of iOS, he saw what seems to be a photo of a laptop and a USB Type-C cable.

Of course, this photo doesn’t confirm anything, and the company might be just using generic visuals to deliver the message that you have to connect your iPhone to your MacBook. However, Apple’s visuals are mostly quite specific.

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The upcoming iPhone 11 smartphones are said to come with a nearly identical design to their predecessors. However, they will likely feature drastic changes in their cameras. Not only they have different camera placement and camera module, but they are also tipped to feature three rear cameras instead of two. For now, the camera design and USB-C port are the two major leaks that we have seen so far. Let's wait and see if Apple is planning to deliver any more surprise for us, we will keep you updated.


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