Apple iPhone XS Max Allegedly Explodes In User’s Pocket

Karamchand Rameshwar - Jan 03, 2019

Apple iPhone XS Max Allegedly Explodes In User’s Pocket

An owner of the iPhone XS Max in Ohio in the US just reported that his iPhone caught fire and exploded in his pocket.

As you may know, Apple launched the latest iPhone lineup this year on September, including the two premium iPhone XS and XS Max along with a more affordable one called iPhone XR. However, the cheaper iPhone XR seems to bring more success to the tech giant over the two premium iPhone devices. And more bad news for the iPhone maker as an iPhone XS Max user in Ohio just reports that his iPhone caught fire and exploded in his pocket.

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According to Josh Hillard - the owner of the exploded iPhone, he noticed a strange smell and felt a significant amount of heat, after which smoke emitted from his pant pocket. He then quickly rushed to the boardroom and got off his shoes and pants. After hearing Hillard yelling, a Vice President of his company came and used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out.

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After the incident, Hillard took the remains of his phone to an Apple Store and spent around 20 minutes to Apple Store employees’ questions. He was later informed by the manager of the Apple Store saying they needed to send his iPhone X Max to the company’s engineering team for further analysis to provide him a new one.

After that, he went home and called AppleCare which told him to send the photos of his exploded phone and also damages caused by it. Ultimately, Apple promised to send him a replacement unit. However, he said that a new iPhone XS Max would not be enough for what he lost. He is actually considering taking legal action against Apple for compensation for his damaged shoes, clothes and also wireless service during the time he lost his iPhone.

For now, Apple hasn’t revealed the cause of this incident. We will update as soon as more details come out.


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