Android's Counterpart Of Apple's AirDrop Feature Is Out Today, Called Nearby Share

Dhir Acharya - Aug 05, 2020

Android's Counterpart Of Apple's AirDrop Feature Is Out Today, Called Nearby Share

After months of waiting, we have finally got the Nearby Share feature, an alternative of Apple's AirDrop feature for Android users.

When Google launched Android 10, it quietly removed the local file sharing feature for Android devices. But from now on, there is a new Android feature to replace that, named Nearby Share.

This feature is similar to the AirDrop feature found on Apple’s iPhones. It allows for quick file sharing between Android devices without having to use Google Drive or other apps like WhatsApp. You can choose a device close to you then send files to it wirelessly while the receiver can choose to accept or decline.

Nearby Share feature
Android's Nearby Share feature is out today

The feature also lets you choose the best protocol to transfer the files, including WebRTC, Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth, or peer-to-peer Wifi. This means you can share files even without a local wifi network or a cellular connection. The Nearby Share feature will be available on all Android devices that run Android 6.0 or higher.

There are possibilities that strangers or bad actors will try to send you files, but Google has a way to protect you. In the Quick Settings menu on your phone, you have the option to let your device be visible to all contacts, some contacts, or hidden.

Nearby Share feature
Nearby Share feature

In addition, the feature allows you to share and receive files anonymously so you can send a video or photo with your personal information hidden, such as your email address or phone number.

Google says that it has plans to feature Nearby Share on Chromebooks in the coming months. The feature is rolling out today to select Samsung and Pixel phones while other devices will get it over the next few weeks.

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