Looking For Games Like Slither.io? Check Out This List

Harin - Feb 08, 2021

Looking For Games Like Slither.io? Check Out This List

With the evolution of the internet and phones, the Snake game evolved into Slither.io. If you searching for games like Slither.io, check out this list.

When Nokia phones were still popular, everyone has tried the classic Snake game. It was exciting to see who can make the longest snake. With the evolution of the internet and phones, the game evolved into Slither.io, a more modern version. Everyone can play this game, whether on a PC or on a smartphone. Just like the classic snake game, the game includes a snake that grows longer by consuming dots. The game can be played online with hundreds of users playing and competing with each other. If you are bored of the game and are searching for games like Slither.io, check out this list.

Do keep in mind that, while all of these games are free, they might have some in-app purchases.

Games like Slither.io in 2021

1. Agar.io

On this list, this is probably the most popular game with around 100,000,000 downloads. Rather than a snake, users play as a ball or a small dot. The goal is to grow in size by consuming small dots as well as other smaller players.

What Are Some Games Like Slither Io
Games like Slither.io.

The ball becomes slower as the player grows. However, it can split into smaller masses and eject mass.

2. Diep.io

You will play as a tank on a map and your goal is to take down the floating objects. You will also have to stay safe from other tanks. By shooting other tanks as well as the objects on the map. By doing this, you can unlock new abilities and tank upgrades.

Games like Slither.io.

There are different game modes to choose from including a survival mode, a domination mode, a 2/4 teams mode, a stage mode, a sandbox mode, and a maze mode.

3. Worm.is

Compared to Slither.io, this is almost an exact clone. You play as a worm that tries to eat scattered items and your opponents. The gameplay is way smoother than Slither.io. and there are many added features like ejecting mass, speeding up, zooming out of the map. There is a chat section available, making the game much more interactive.

Io Games
Games like Slither.io.

There are also different skins so that you can customize the worm. On the edges is a barrier that will instantly kill your worm.

4. Tankio 3D

This is the original Tankio’s 3D version. The game is similar to Diep.io. You will control a tank. And the main goal is to blow up objects and take down your opponents. By doing this, you can level up and use a wide range of weapons to upgrade your tank.

Tankio 3d
Games like Slither.io.

There are 16 tanks in total. The difference between Tankio 3D and other games is that it can be played offline. And you will play against bots to level up. The game is a great choice for those who want to kill time without wasting their cellular data.

5. Mitos.is

This is perhaps a better version of Agar.io. With Mitos.is, you have better mobile gameplay and different game modes. You will play as a cell. And the goal is to eat the opponents and grow in size.

Mitos Is
Games like Slither.io.

You can speed up, eject mass, create duplicate cells, and split in half. There are numerous upgrades as well.

6. Splix.io

The most different game on the list. Splix.io is a fast-paced game. It has a minimalistic design. Its gameplay is similar to Snake. You will start the game with a colored block. The goal is to capture more area by moving around free space.

Splix Io
Games like Slither.io.

If the opponent hits your block when you are out of your area, you will lose.

7. Snowball.io

Another great alternative. You will play as a snowball. The main objective is to grow bigger by moving. You can flick off your opponents to gain points. You can also split the snowball into smaller ones. The snowball can be customized, which is a plus point.

Snowball Io
Games like Slither.io.

8. Osmos HD

The game is a single-player game. You will play as a cell and consume motes. You will have to propel substance in order to move.

Osmos Hd
Games like Slither.io.

The strategy here is to balance size and speed. The game is a treat to the eyes with its beautiful graphics.

9. Arrow.io

With this game, you will control a blocky character using a bow while trying to take down your enemies. The map has walls behind which you can hide to protect yourself from being hit by your opponents' arrows.

Arrow Io
Games like Slither.io.

You can access different skills as you level up. The controls of the game are fairly simple. You can play either in single-player or multiplayer modes.

10. Nebulous.io

The last game on the list. The main goal is unchanged. You will play as a blob. And the objective is to grow in size by collecting dots and consuming smaller blobs. However, be careful as if you get close to the larger blobs, you can be consumed by them.

Nebulous Io
Games like Slither.io.

There are more than 500 different skins to customize your blob. You can also choose different game modes to play.

Those are all fun games like Slither.io that you can try if you are fed up with the original game.

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