To make a living from sports betting

hoaict - Apr 25, 2022

To make a living from sports betting

This means that it has become much safer for people to play, as all online betting companies that want to operate in our country must hold a license.

Sports betting is something that is really on the rise and especially since the new regulation in online betting and casino came into force. This means that it has become much safer for people to play, as all online betting companies that want to operate in our country must hold a license.

This new opportunity has meant that many people have already started with sports betting to make a living. Some even believe that online sports betting will be as accepted as securities trading is today. One of the great advantages of sports betting compared to trading securities is that you do not have to pay any profit tax on your gambling winnings and that thanks to all the payment methods available today, it is possible to get quick winnings paid out in just a few minutes.

Sport Betting
Sport Betting

A professional player is Johan, who is 27 years old. During the last five years, he has played a lot in sports betting and also won some big wins.

"In the past, it had mostly been a pleasure," said Johan, "but since we got a regulated market, I make a living almost entirely on betting." Johan almost only plays English football and NHL hockey, as these are sports he knows. In addition, the organizations behind these leagues are completely legitimate. As Johan said, however, it also happens that he plays a bit impulsively on more odd sports, such as cricket and sometimes even e-sports. When we asked Johan why he chooses e-sports, which is not a real sport, he answered that the anonymity behind the players makes it cool. Especially when he plays at reputable sites like these top 5 betting sites in Nigeria.

Sport Betting
Sport Betting

So how does Johan go about knowing which matches he will play in and how much he wants to play for? "Statistician is very important", said Johan, and in the same sentence, he said that he has several higher education credits both in statistics and probability theory. By statistics, he meant to see the outcome of mutual meetings between the teams, the number of matches won, the number of lost matches in a row, and the results of goals scored and conceded in the last 7-12 matches depending on opponents. He also stated that in addition to statistics and the odds that various online betting sites offer, he also checks out several different free betting tips that sports enthusiasts offer online.

"These are tips that do not benefit anyone, which means that there is no underlying thought from those who share their experience," said Johan. He also shares his tips when people ask and quite often his friends want to play with him, as they know he has a hard time. "But", as Johan added, "no matter how good the statistics look and what the odds are, it is impossible to come out as a winner before the final signal has passed".

One piece of advice that Johan gave to those who want to try sports betting and who have not dared before, was to take advantage of the welcome bonus that many betting sites offer new members. In this way, you have the opportunity to play for real money without having to use your own.

Of course, we wish Johan all the best and look forward to following him in his professional career in sports betting.

He concluded by pointing out that gambling is very addictive and recommends the helpline.

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