How To Use Multiple Bank Accounts In Google Pay?

Anil - Sep 23, 2019

How To Use Multiple Bank Accounts In Google Pay?

You can add multiple bank accounts into Google Pay, as long as they're valid.

In recent years, many companies are trying to make digital payments better but not all of them are qualified enough to ensure the privacy and safety of transactions for us. Due to that, Google Pay is one of the most prestige platforms for making payments, thanks to the massive user base of Google as well as its highly-secured algorithms. All around the globe, people can use the digital wallet to pay for goods in either offline or online channels, to deliver money to anyone or receive it immediately. To start using the service, people just need to link a bank account to Google Pay, then they’re able to take all advantages of it.

bank accounts google pay
You can add multiple bank accounts as long as they're valid.

However, not many have no idea about what they should do if they have two or more bank accounts, and want to link all of them to the app. At the time, Google allows you to connect the app with multiple bank accounts. In case you want to add another account or more, the process is very simple – it requires you to do the same way as you did for the first bank account. Once you’ve done, you can switch between accounts easily. Furthermore, you can appoint a bank account as a primary one to make payments by default.

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Here we go

Here’s a step-by-step instruction for you. Let’s try!

  1. Navigate to Google Pay app on your device
  2. At the top corner, click on the “More” icon
  3. Go to “Settings”
  4. Tap on “Payment Methods”, then “Add Bank Account”
  5. Choose your bank’s name and detail > Add required information like card number, expiry date…
  6. If the app successfully verified your details, choose “Create UPI PIN”
  7. Enter a new UPI PIN to authorize your transactions via Google Pay in the future.


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