10 Practical Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

hoaict - Apr 26, 2021

10 Practical Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

If you are clueless about how to make your travel video presentation look stunning and fabulous, then here are the top 10 practical tips that you should know about making a great travel video.

Many people love sharing their favorite travel videos over the internet with their family and friends. Whether people are going for some business conference to some new place or they are just visiting their friends, customers or client or they are just traveling for fun and adventure, whatever reason people have there is always a good reason to capture the best moments of your journey with your camera.

Travel videos can also refine the go video-making skills, and you can experiment with different new approaches to capture a stunning video.

If you are clueless about how to make your travel video presentation look stunning and fabulous, then here are the top 10 practical tips that you should know about making a great travel video.

1. Pick an internet platform.

Picking a platform is very important as every forum has its video specifications that you need to follow. For example, a video for your website will not match the specification for a video on a social media platform.

Therefore, picking a video format and platform where you will be posting your videos beforehand can give you relief from some significant headaches later on. At the same time, you edit your videos in video editing software like InVideo

Tips For Making A Great Travel Video
Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

2. Pack shooting gears wisely.

Then you know which format you will be shooting in, then it is time to decide what type of equipment you will be shooting with. Many of them pack their cameras, lenses, microphones, tripod, SD cards, and many other things.

But if you think with a calm head, you will typically understand that you do not need that much on your travel trip. They might just actually not let you have that much fun as you thought you would have on the trip.

3. Pick a camera. 

If you are going to shoot a travel video, try to choose a camera that you are entirely comfortable with and quick and very easy to use. There are high chances that there will be moments during the trip that you will want to capture everything at a moment's notice, at times like those having a camera you are super comfortable with, whether that is a modern-day DSLR or an iPhone camera. It will help you lower the barrier for you to begin your shooting on an impromptu second.

Tips for shooting with a smartphone 

  • Slow-mo is excellent for making your clips look more cinematic in phone cameras. Use the slow-mo feature strategically and efficiently to raise your video's quality while editing the footage later.
  • Time-Lapse is also fast and easy on a phone. But also use it wisely during your trip.

Tips for shooting with a DSLR 

  • Pick only two camera lenses
  • Have a gorilla pod
  • Carry a small professional bag for your equipment

This setup kit will be straightforward to set up as it is small. It is perfect for setting up for some stationary shots anywhere you want.

How To Pick A Camera
Pick a useful camera

4. Keep your video clips short and sweet. 

People get bored very quickly; therefore, if you do not want to lose your viewer's interest, do not drag your video for long. This also applies to the actual clip within the video (meaning while you edit your video, make sure you give each clip some of the required amounts of time).

That means when you shoot a video, wait for the correct timing and then press the shutter button.

5. Keep your lighting in mind. 

When you shoot a travel video, you must consider the lighting of your environment. But it would be best if you always relied on the natural light for your video shots; therefore, always try to keep your eye out for the correct timing.

Remember that you will get some fantastic footage when the sun is lower in the sky, so always consider the sun positioning.

6. Try to apply the rule of thirds. 

Following the rule of thirds is the easiest way to make your compositions more interesting and better. Just before you start recording, take a moment to understand your subject in your shots, and then place your camera so that the issue is one of the thirds of your camera screen. Rule many cell phones, and the modern camera comes with a grid that divides your screen up in thirds to understand this.

Rule Of Thirds Dog
Try to apply the rule of thirds

7. Be smooth and steady while you shoot a video. 

An excellent steady hand and some modern technology can make your shot look like the camera was floating in the air. It is the trickiest shot to capture, but the picture looks fantastic when you are trying to follow your subject. You can practice walking smoothly for the best results in the video footage.

When you are ready, you could bend your legs lightly and then take one step forward carefully and land on the heel of your foot. Then roll it towards your tow as you get ready for the next step.

8. Use music wisely. 

In almost all travel videos, the audio usually is going to be all over the place. It can change from being in different areas of shooting or shooting in multiple devices. The chances are that you might not have great audio from the original footage that is normal.

While editing, you could choose music that puts the video together. Therefore, choose the theme carefully so you can rely on it.

Use music wisely
Use music wisely

9. Watch a lot of travel videos. 

Watching travel videos is a perfect way to get to know different kinds of shots and get inspired to shoot something new.

Watching travel videos can help you get perspective and new ideas about your video. Therefore, when the time comes of shooting, you can use all the new ideas to make something unique and stunning.

10. Prepare the camera before you shoot. 

You will not want to change your camera setting after you have started to shoot; it would make a lot of unnecessary headaches along the line, especially while you are editing the application with the color correction tab open.

Therefore, it is always wise to check the camera settings with your environment before starting the shooting.

Ending note 

Here are all the best tips that will help you prepare for your next travel video. One of the best things that come with traveling videos is that they are followed by a natural arc heading for mental peace somewhere.

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